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Sat 7 Feb 2009
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A Shape To Die For
It was early in the morning, but the city was alive, waking up second by second under the strange purple clouds that had rolled in during the night.

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Betty Pemberton
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Tue 10 Feb 2009
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Re: A Shape To Die For
Betty arrived at the club and greeted the desk staff with a smile, stopping briefly to empty her mailbox of notes and letters before hefting her bag and striding off to change for work. There was a buzz among the club's members about the weird sky outside and she had to agree.  She wasn't sure what it was, there wasn't any more information on the news about it.  The local radio station's newscasters were as stumped as their listeners.

 Glancing at her mail as she sat down on the bench in the staff change room she sorted out what had to be done at the club that day, what could wait, and what was destined for the recycle bin.  Changing her clothes she pulled a pair of nylon pants over her tights and body suit, covering her top with a matching jacket.  She had a class to teach in an hour and would spend the hour prior to it in the lifestyle centre helping members and warming up herself....