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Star Trek: Space Station K-10

In the Gamma Quadrant, the United Federation of Planets find it exceptionally difficult to find areas of space which are unoccupied or would welcome their presence on a permanent basis. Space Station K-10 was constructed after the Dominon War ended and with several conditions. Some of the sectors civilizations agreed to its construction to boost commerce in the area, others were swayed by Starfleet's ability to provide protection and assistance in times of crisis.

A federation hub located close to the Idran sector which contains the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the Bajoran wormhole, Space Station K-10 is responsible for the supply and protection of several Federation and allied colonies and a number of scientific and industrial installations.

Background info: This game plays in the 2380s, post Dominion War, post Nemesis, post Romulan-Reman conflict. The Federation is at peace with the Klingons and has good relationships with the Romulans and Remans.

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The story so far:
A new crew arrived at the space station. Shortly after the handover ceremony and after-party the old station commander left abruptly and took a big portion of K-10's crew with her, leaving the space station seriously understaffed. That ship is currently out of contact.

Starfleet Intelligence are using parts of the space station to conduct secret research, most noteably research into a new cloaking device. This area of the station is secured by the Starfleet Marine Corps and off limits to most.

Routine maintenance brought some sabotage alight which eventually would have let back to two infiltrators aboard K-10. The infiltrators, Doppelgängers of First Officer Zoltan and Security Officer Walace, were placed aboard the station by an on-and-off-again ally of the Dominion, the Dosi. An attempt to escape the station was unsuccessful and let to their arrest. Due to understaffing they committed murder-suicide before security had a chance to interrogate them. Taking into account what evidence could be secured it is safe to say that the Dosi were attempting to steal information on the new cloaking device.

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IKS Khan

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USS Delaware
The USS Delaware is a Nova Class Science Vessel. A small ship, her compliment is 27 officers and 73 crewmen. Designed to be a planetary and scientific survey vessel, the majority of Nova-class ships focus on research within Federation territory. During the war, the Delaware was assigned to the Seventh Fleet, after it was nearly destroyed to a ship (again) at Betazed. With her sophisticated sensor suites, she made an excellent early warning system for the reforming fleet. She also had top-notch medical and science facilities.  However, when she had to fight, she did so valiantly. She took quite a beating during the war with the Dominion and the official reason for coming to K-10 is that she needs major repairs and refit.

The Delaware’s primary mission is research and development, and she is being assigned to K-10 to supplement the top-secret science facility there. The Delaware excels at planetary sciences, investigating anomalies, and gathering data. However, while she is undergoing ‘refit’, she will be outfitted with experimental equipment to ‘examine and evaluate’. In addition, while she is lightly armored compared to most Federation Vessels, she still outclasses most pirates, raiders, and scum that wander the space lanes preying on lightly armed cargo ships. A secondary mission of the Delaware is to ‘show the flag’ and ‘maintain a visible Federation Presence’ on this side of the Wormhole. The Delaware is a traditional, though modern looking ship. She has an arrowhead shaped saucer section and two dorsal nacelle pylons.

Captain: Jackson Aiden Clarke

The Officer List will be developed as positions are filled. 1st and 2nd Officer will be filled by experienced officers and may also be department heads in their own right. (Most likely will have to be, due to size of crew.) Rough numbers are as follows:

Command 10
  Engineering/Technical 15
  Operations/General 10
  Security/Tactical 10
  Medical/Support 13
  Science/Research 42
Officers/Enlisted 27/73

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Romulan Thereus-Class Bird of Prey

Designed as a cross between a scout and a cruiser, the Thereus-class Bird of Prey combines the best features of both: powerful engines so that it can fly at high impulse and warpspeeds; advanced power generation systems; sophisticated sensors; and one of the best types of cloaking devices available to the Romulan Imperial State. Like most Birds of Prey, its weapons are relatively weak, but its crews master “decloak and fire” maneuvers to make up for the lack.

The Thereus has a roughly teardrop-shaped main hull, similar to that of the D’virin-class Incursion Frigate. The command hull, with a downward-pointing “beak” shape like that of the D’deridex, attaches almost seamlessly to the main hull’s forward side. The nacelles are each held directly to port and starboard by two archlike nacelle pylons. As a result, when the ship is viewed from the front—the only angle many of its victims ever see—it strongly resembles a raptor striking to kill.

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GM USS Delaware
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Old Game Info
A Couple of quick things to keep in mind when working on a background.

- The Bajoran wormhole was shut down several months ago game time, presumably by the Prophets and the fleet assumes because of the discovery of a multi-sector alien civilization utilizing Omega Particles for energy. (A contained but unresolved story thread, at the moment.)
- Somebody put together a fleet manned by star fleet crews cloned from regular crews back in the alpha quadrant. (More or less an ignorant slave fleet sent off to die against the previously mentioned Omega Empire.)
- An uneasy alliance of Klingon, Romulan (IRS), and Human (Federation) forces combined as a bulwark against Dosi, Dominion, extraneous Gamma-Quadrant forces lining up against them.
- The Klingons settled a planet (Pendaris) and half their forces (including the colony) formally broke away from the Alliance.

So, just to keep in mind - new characters will have been in the Gamma Quadrant for some time now. It's possible they are (knowing or unknowingly) clones of other officers. (No Canon officers though, we're crazy but we have our standards.)

Tensions are a bit high vis-à-vis Humans/Romulan/Klingon.

Oh, and the Warbird is trying out a combined Federation/Romluan/Klingon crew. Because, why not?

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Re: Old Game Info