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This game is going to have a solid foundation to keep it running. We are going to set down some rules and how it's going to be played.

This game will focus on excellent writing and participation. As the GMs, we will guide you and provide the setting and leadership. We will not, however, hold your hand and prompt every single post with a customized reply. This game requires a certain level of experience, writing ability, maturity and proactiveness. We will also not lord over your character actions with dice rolls or god-like decisions regarding success or failure. We are putting an explicit amount of trust in you, the writer, to responsibly interact with the other writers in a mature and appropriate fashion.

1. Have fun. Number one rule here. If you're not having fun then take it up in the Internal Game Discussion forum or (for more severe cases or if you prefer to keep it confidential) by PM to the GMs. The aim is to resolve every problem to everybodies satisfaction but this isn't always possible. If the problem is not resolved, quit.

2. This game is rated Mature. If you are not mature enough to play then we will boot you. Swearing, as long not overly used, is allowed. Any sex scenes will be caught with a fade to black.

3. The GM's word is law. We have the final say in any dispute.

4. Respect the other players. No bullying, or mocking (unless it's in character).

5. If a player needs to be absent then please let us know. If a player does not post a notice and disappears for more than two weeks, a PM will be sent. After a week of no response to the PM an rMail will be sent. Then player will be removed from the game. The player's characters will be sold to the Orion Pirates.

6. Please be literate. No easyspeak or textspeak. Offenders of this will be shot. Posts should ALL be written in third person past tense. Please, also use proper quotation and paragraph form. Each player must choose a colour to use when posting dialogue. This makes it easier to differentiate between action and speaking. Consider learning the RPOL tools such as italics as well.

7. Posts should be of a decent length. There is no reason at all that you should be posting one liners.

8. All other standard role playing rules should be considered a given.


BAD- I dive through the air, fall into a roll, jump up in front of the guy, sidestep around him, and punch him in the head, knocking him out.

GOOD- "Damn it" I think to myself. I dive towards him in an attempt to tackle.

Orange for OOC and red for the computer. Otherwise pick whatever you like. Just make sure it's easy to read against a white or grey background.


1=game threads
2=K-10 only
3=Rhhaein only
4=Delaware only
5=Dreadnought only
6=Rollicking Adventures of Captain Fang and the Broken Promise only

A = GM only

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Players wanted thread at

link to a message in another game

First things first, this game is mature. Please be literate, no easy speak, and be prepared for a little swearing and killing.

In order to join, please fill out the following information.

Player Name:
Player Age: The game is mature, and we want to establish this up front.
Player Timezone: We're just interested in knowing when you're likely to be posting.
Character Name: Please make it realistic, and corresponding with your race.
Character Race: No Q, Borg or Changelings.
Character Age:
Physique: Provide a physical description; make sure it corresponds with your race.
Personality: Likes, dislikes, interests, attitudes.
Background: History, jobs, date and place of birth, parents, education, marital status...

Preferred position: List up to three positions in order of preference. New characters will start as brand new Ensigns, fresh from a War-Time Academy, or that survived the war with the Dominion. Promotions are possible for active players that make an extraordinary contribution to the game.

Please include a writing sample in character.

You may have one or two PNPCs, preferably in other departments. This gives you and other players more opportunities to interact.
Once your general character is aproved, a full character description will be developed by you and one of the GM's.  Please see the following for details.  Please note, you do NOT need to complete this part during the RTJ, since your original character idea may change as additional background is developed.

Star Trek Gamma Quadrant Character Form

Player Name:
Player Age:
Player Timezone:
Character Name:
Character Race:
Chacter Age:
Preferred position:
Writing Sample:

PNPC 1: (optional)
PNPC 2: (optional)

B6 a d6 Skill System, By Brian Laxson

Skills in Star Trek: Gamma Quadrant are intentionally broad. There is no distinction between system operation and repair and several sciences are grouped together.  This allows for quick character creation and more flexible game play.  Typical skill rolls are done on 1d6, with a modifier based on circumstance and character skill levels. Trained skills have a +1 modifier, Improved skills have a +2 modifier, Advanced skills have a +3 modifier, and Excellent skills have a +4 modifier.
We are also using a simplified skill system.

In gaming situations you or the GM roll 1d6 and consider modifiers. The GM will be applying various modifiers including “fuzzy” expectations of what is likely to happen. In general the 1d6 in interrupted as:

  1 = Very poor result
  2 = Moderately below expectations
  3 = Just below expectations
  4 = Just above expectations
  5 = Moderately above expectations
  6 = Very good results

In competitive situations each side rolls. The GM adds modifiers to determine a total. The one with a high total does better. The greater the difference the more one sided the outcome.

Just as skills are fairly broad, so to is the scope of the dice rolls. For example one does not play out a dozen rounds of dice rolls. Rather the GM will call for 1 or 2 rolls only. This method is particularly useful for games where people post X in Y days.

Combat therefore tends to involve:
- players describing their intended actions
- rolls for weapon skills
- rolls for tactics, sensors etc that may apply
- GM rolling for the opponents
- GM describing actual outcome

Skill lists

Command Skills
  Administration (includes logistics, strategic planning, bureaucratic manipulation, conspiracy, logistics, specific planetary government, organised crime family; starship administration)
  Command (combat leadership, military training, starship command)
  Diplomacy (commercial treaties, federation law, intergalactic affairs, intergalactic law, planetary affairs)
  Ship Tactics (star ship combat, planetary support tactics, specific naval tactics)
  Planetary Tactics (guerrilla warfare, vehicles, small units, large units etc)
  Espionage (counterintelligence, covert communications, cryptography, forgery, observation, species-specific intelligence techniques (Ferengi, Klingon, Romulan, Andorian, etc.), traffic analysis, use of devices, picking locks, bypassing security)
  Intelligence Analysis (high level study of different information sources)

Ship Operation Skills
  Starship Sensors
  Cloaking Devices
  Communication Systems
  Security Procedures (dissident operations, law enforcement, patrolling, security systems)
  Tactical Systems (shields, phasers, torpedoes, ablative armor)
  Engineering (warp core, warp nacelles, impulse, fusion reactors)
  Utility Systems [aka Ops] (replicators, transporters, life support)
  Robotics (cybernetics, positronics)
  Holographics (hardware maintenance & holodeck programming)
  Computers (operation, repair and programming)

Science Skills
  Life Sciences (agronomy, bioengineering, biology, bionics, biotechnology, botany, ecology, exobiology, genetics, microbiology, paleontology, zoology)
  Physical Sciences (chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics)
  Planetary Sciences (climatology, geology, hydrology, mineralogy, oceanography, planetology, volcanology)
  Social Sciences (anthropology, archaeology, economies. geography, historical engineering, paleoanthropology, political science, psychology, sociology)
  Space Sciences (astrogation, astronomy, astrophysics, stellar cartography, warp field theory)
  Medical Treatments (exoanatomy, forensics, general medicine, pathology, specific species medicine (Vulcan, Klingon, etc.), surgical specializations, toxicology; +1 = first aid, +2 = field medic, +3 = med tech, +4 = experienced doctor)

Personal Combat Skills
  Archaic Weapons (gunpowder pistol, gunpowder rifle, submachine gun, needle weapons, gauss weapons)
  Energy Weapons (disruptor, disruptor rifle, phaser, phaser rifle)
  Unarmed Combat (individual combat style)
  Melee Combat (knifes, blades, axes)
  Demolitions (bomb disposal, booby traps, land mines, nuclear demolitions, primitive demolitions, shipboard demolitions)

Other Skills
  Other Culture (includes their language, history, customs)
  Artistic Expression (acting, dance, drawing, painting, poetry, singing, specific musical instrument)
  Farming (large scale agriculture operations, growing, harvesting, shipping)
  Gaming (includes gambling)
  Hobby <insert type>
  Merchanting (appraising/selling stolen goods, specific business type, specific market, specific product, running shop, volume buying/selling, local economics)
  Racial Abilities (possibly one skill based on character's breeding reflecting racial powers)
  Occupation (some other civilian occupation, similar scope as merchanting)
  Psionics (empathy, telepathy, mind meld, mind control)

Note the entries in brackets are examples of what the skill includes. They are not meant to be specializations, just examples.

Skill Assignment

Graduates of Starfleet Academy have the following skills at the 'trained' (+1) level: Command, Starship Sensors, Communication Systems, Piloting, Security Procedures, Tactical Systems, Engineering, Utility Systems, Computers, Medical Treatments, Energy Weapons, Unarmed Combat, 1 skill chosen from 'Science', +4 additional skills of the player's choice.

Klingons and Romulans have the following skills at the 'trained' (+1)level: Command, Starship Sensors, Communication Systems, Piloting, Security Procedures, Tactical Systems, Engineering, Utility Systems, Computers, Medical Treatments, Cloaking Devices, Energy Weapons, Unarmed Combat, Melee Weapons, and +3 additional skills of the player's choice.

Star Fleet Marines have the following skills at the 'trained' (+1)level: Command, Communication Systems, Demolitions, Security Procedures, Tactical Systems, Utility Systems, Computers, Espionage, Archaic Weapons, Energy Weapons, Unarmed Combat, Melee Weapons, Planetary Tactics, and +4 additional skills of the player's choice.

From the above selection the character has their list of skills. To reflect focus and talent some of the characters skills may be improved.
The character's list of skills is transformed into:
  Trained   (+1): 10 skills
  Improved  (+2): 4  skills
  Advanced  (+3): 2  skills
  Excellent (+4): 1  skill

Rank bonuses

Currently, all new players will enter the game at the Rank of Ensign (or equivalent).

Promotions after character start are issued by the GM staff. Just because a character has gained similar skill ranks does not itself mean the character is suitable. The will be based on story need, player participation, good posting and appropriate character behaviour.

Character Skill Development:

Characters that earn Development Points can spend them in the following ways:

1) Any new skill can be learned at trained(+1) for 1 DP.
2) Any skill can be advanced one level at a time by paying the new skill level in DPs.
   (i.e. 2 points to go from +1 to +2, 3 points to go from +2 to +3, and 4 points to go from +3 to +4)

Skills are limited to Excellent (+4), even through skill development.

To answer some common questions Dev Points are meant as improvements internal to the character. That being skills or the "abilities" modeled as skills. Equipment, NPCs, story hooks are all good ideas that are done through IC roleplay. PM the GMs with ideas you may have but they generally dont take Dev Points.

Alternate explation of skill selection:

step 1)
copy your starfleet/klingon list

step 2)
pick your extra choices

You now have your character's list of skills, without showing the quality of the skill.

step 3)
assign skill quality as 10/4/2/1

step 4)
For characters starting above Ensign they add their improvements

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GM zones
We are currently operating with 3 GMs. They are:
GM K-10 aka Vollbart
GM USS Delaware aka DE
GM USS Dreadnought aka Dread

It is important when sending a PM to discuss the game that you should specifically include all GMs in the "to" check boxes. The only real exception would be if you wanted to contact GM to file a complaint about one of the other GMs.

The GMs generally work by covering a "zone" of activity. Which GM is currently running a zone shouldn't matter your game play. Part of the reason we have multiple GMs is to handle real life absences of any one GM.

Not seen by the players is the amount of GM chat either in GM-only RPOL threads or in MSN chat services. We co-ordinate activies quite a lot.

The primary zones for the GMs are fairly stable as:
K-10 stories = GM Vollbart
USS Delaware stories = GM USS Delaware
USS Dreadnought stories = GM USS Dreadnought
Federation stories = VB, DE, Dread

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FAQs on the rules:

A good question has been asked about multiple actions and multiple die rolls for the same skill.

There are multiple action penalties.

The combat time frame isnt fixed to a "combat round of 5 seconds". Sometimes, actually usually its longer. Chances for multiple blocks and parries. So its fine to have multiple bow shots. This sequence you fired like 4 times.

A character only usually needs to roll once for their combat skill. Even its multiple strikes/parries/shots. Its the intent of action that is moderated by dice rolls.

Why do we do this? A tabletop style tactical counting 5-second rounds, counting fixed actions, counting offhand penalties, counting X, counting Y, counting Z would take Real Life weeks to figure out each time.

In general, unless a post is covering a significant block of time, characters should only roll for one or two skills at a time.

Posting Rules

- Include a location header at the top of each post.
  Example: [USS Delaware, Bridge]
- Include any out of character notes or rolls in orange at the bottom of the sheet. Feel free to include in a private note, if you're doing something secret.
  Example: OOC: I really don't know the range of a Type III phaser, hopefully I'm in range.
- Talking must be in quotes, and we prefer it to be in color.
  Example: "Hello, Wesley.  I've come to remove your spine, is that ok?" asked the insane Data as he approached the terrified boy.
- Reserved color: RED  This is the computer's voice.  Beware.

Failure to utilize a location tag angers the GMs and typically causes horrible things to happen to the characters involved.  Remember Voyager getting thrown into the Delta Quadrant?  Janeway forgot her location tag.

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Fri 16 Jul 2010
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Spacedock and B6 Conversions
On Spacedock and B6

Spacedock is used when designing our dutystations. It is used as inspiration and a framework for starship combat. However it is not always used verbatim as its meant for the face to face communication of tabletop games.

(note our skill system is a little different from it)

We highly recommend players download and read through the history section of the Spacedock Dominion war sourcebook. That war ended in 2375 and our game began in 2380.

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Fri 23 Apr 2010
at 16:13
(Personal Non Player Character)(Frequently Asked Questions)

For close family or close workers we can allow a PC to have a PNPC attached. The following outlines some of the common considerations.

- The PNPC is their to augment the story for the PC.

- GMs approval is needed
- There must be a clear reason and expectation for the PNPC to be repeatedly "on camera" in a meaningful way
- There is no posting requirement for PNPC activity
- GMs may take control of them but usually don't
- PNPC might or might not get a separate RPOL character entry.

Game mechanics:
- PNPC might not get the same skills as a PC. They are scored at +2 in their main area and +1 in related skills. For example a Starfleet Science PNPC is +2 in their field of science and +1 in other Starfleet skills like energy weapons, piloting etc.
- If PNCP do get skills it is based on the creating at rank rules
- PNPC do not get issued development points

- PNPC are not meant to allow a PC to "gang up" on other PCs either physically or in arguments.
- We, generally, do not run separate story lines for the PNPC. They exist to augment the PC stories.
- When not involved with augmenting a story the PNPC goes "off screen". They do not RP out every moment of their life the way a PC does.

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GM K-10
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Tue 18 Oct 2011
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Star Trek Portrait Gallery

If you're looking for a proper Star Trek portrait for your character and don't want to trawl the RPoL portrait gallery searching, then look right here. The following is an index of all Star Trek–related portraits, of Starfleet officers, Klingon warriors, assorted aliens, ships, symbols and so on. Find something you like, then find the code in the portrait gallery.

You don't have to use one of these, of course, you can use whatever you like. This is just meant to save a search for the trickier aliens. If you find another Star Trek portrait in the gallery that's not here, then please tell us about it. They should either be taken from Star Trek sources or obviously intended to be Star Trek characters, so no Elves standing in for Vulcans please.

Andorian, Male:
msa037 msa131 msa227 msa229 msa243

Andorian, Female:
fsa047 fsa078 fsa086 fsa113 fsa136

msa113 fsa052 fsh179

msa104 fsa077 msa201

Borg, Male:
msc011 msc012 msc013 msc014 msc015
msc016 msc017 msc018 msc019 msc020
msc021 msc022 msc023 msc024 msa024

Borg, Female:

nsa027 nsa028

msa028 msa103 fsa050

fsh244 fsh375

Ferengi, Male:
msa043 msa162 msa176 msa230

Human or Human-like, Female:
fsh201 fsh230 fsh264 fsh274 fsh277
fsh285 fmb499 fsh390 fsh409 fsh415
fsh416 fsh417 fsh424

Human or Human-like, Male:
msh311 msh323 msh324 msh372 msh382
msh387 msh388 msh389 msh390 msh391
msh395 msh396 msh412 msh428 msh449
msh450 msh475 msh483 msh484 msh489
mmb222 mmr291 mmc711 msh544 msh551
msh575 msh578 msh451 msr040 msh667
msh689 msh703 msh704 msh707

Klingon, Male:
msa029 msa030 msa041 msa073 msa167
msa168 msa169 msa181 msa185 msa189
msa208 msa222 msa239 msa241
msa109 - Ancient Klingon msa031 - Fek'lhr

Klingon, Female:
fsa017 fsa018 fsa019 fsa073 fsa085
fsa087 fsa092 fsa133

fsa045 fsa046 fsa099 msa199 fsh283

Trill, Male
msa111 msa116

Trill, Female
fsa056 fsa057 fsa059 fsa069 fsh391

Vulcan & Romulan, Male:
msa027 msa042 msa143 msa163 msa220

Vulcan & Romulan, Female:
fsa027 fsa079 fsh085 fsa108

msa026 - Ancient Humanoid msa023 - Antedean msa121 - Arkenite
nsa026 - Balok fsa090 - Caitian msr001 - Data
fsa082 - Dosi nsa103 - Gorn nsa118 - Horta
msa025 - Kaelon msa122 - Na'kuhl msa112 - Nausicaan
msa193 - Pakled msa114 - Tellarite nsa088 - Tholian
msa058 - Tosk mcm066 - Devil fsa123 - Reman
nsa207 - Gorn fsh443 - Ktarian/Miradorn/Denobulan

nsc003 nss015 nss018 nsh019

Starships & Space Stations:
nss002 nss010 nss011 nss012 nss016
nss021 nss023 nss014

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