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Fri 22 Feb 2019
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ROLL 20 Commands

/r 1d10r<2+2

the r<number between the dice size and plus. I think

/r 2d20d1

is the command for rolling two d20's and keeping the higher one

confusing as d =dice but then d = "drop lowest"

so like. #dice size d #of dice you want to drop (favoring higher rolls).

Part of my personal confusing is the seemingly identical purposes Keep commants.

like, k is keep larger.  kl is keep lower.

d is drop lower. dh is drop higher.
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Sun 24 Feb 2019
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ROLL 20 Commands
Tinkerer's Inventions
2: When you use your healing infusion feature for ally HP regain, they gain extra = # set items.
4: You gain tinkerer's disjunction power.
At-Will Standard.  Personal.  1 zone you're in or conjuration adjacent to ends.  All of its effects ends, including SE.

Time Wizard's robes
2: Gain item bonus to initiative = # set items.
4: Gain additional use/day of magic item daily powers.  (Each use must be from different item).

Relics of Creation
2: Gain bonus to Arcana, History, Religion = # set items.
4: when u hit elemental creature with invoker attack power, d8 extra damage.  (2d8 if u have all 6 set pieces)
6: when u use divine blast or burst attack power u can affect 3 additional squares adjacent to power's normal area.

Points of the Constellation
2: Your enemies take -1 pentalty to saves vs. you powers = # set items /2.
5: You gain +3 item bonus to Fort or Will.  Swap out w/ short rest.

Mirror of Nessecar
2: You gain a +10 item bonus to skill checks made as part of scrying or travel ritual.
4: You can perform the observe creature and true portal rituals 1/day each w/ no cost.


Sweet features Tim gushes over:
* item bonuses that are uncommon for that item slot.  Like + will on something not head item.  or +ref on something not shoes.
* unique features unavailable by any other way.  Especially improving action economy.  Such as Heroic  tier Blade Dancer's 5 piece bonus of turning hunter's quarry into a FREE ACTION.
* Feat feature for free.  Possibly stronger tha the original.

rai: free action to do the racial power activation thingy.  immunity to prone.
merv: look up force field daily power from wizard.
may: paragon feature to drop status effects.
mits: grant vuln rad to missed targets. OR, increase size of solar enemy.   re-use encounter power?  swap out useless mandatory power for something more fun?
kyle: can un-make relics.  can make items into a set with set bonuses.