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Sat 14 Feb 2009
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OOC - Player Input Time!
Here are some changes/additions I am thinking of putting into Outcastes. (not listed in any particular order)

1) A new way of distributing experience. This will likely mean more frequent experience updates. It will roughly be based on a mix of post count and quality.

2) Stunt-learning: This is similar to what is done in my other game (Five Coils). For those who don't usually use that house rule, it's a limited way to spend experience without training time through writing a great stunt. Think of it as a 'flash of inspiration' during a desperate moment, allowing you to gain a power or increase a skill that helps you triumph in otherwise difficult odds. There are certain things I don't allow stunt-learning for, usually (mostly +Attribute and +Essence) and it can only be done once a scene.

3) Player creativity rewards: Also in Five Coils I have a thread available in which players can post stories about their characters, about NPCs or possessions, or even to flesh out the game world. Those who contribute creativity can potentially get some extra experience, to a limit (I usually limit to a certain number of xp per month). I am considering doing similar for Outcastes, if I see there is interest.

4) Combat OOC thread: Because naval battles are just that complicated, the OOC breaks can really detract. (This is something I should probably have done in the first place. But I dislike making too many separate threads for things unless necessary. In this case I suppose it is necessary.)

5) Skirmish Unit Rules: My blend of regular Exalted combat and mass combat that I've been gradually introducing into Outcastes battles. It is basically small-unit combat, and has worked pretty well for reducing the number of rolls I do without requiring a whole new set of combat rules and timing. It also makes War potentially more useful in regular combat time. I will be posting the rules for this soon after I do some more playtesting.

6) Player-run scenarios: This is basically a way to alleviate some of the workload for me by letting players run short-term quests. I've only gotten word from two people willing to do this so far, though. (One of whom will likely be running Black Rock Chasm when/if people arrive there.)

Let me know which of these you definitely want to see happen (though at least two are already happening, namely #5 and #6). I'd also welcome any other additions or suggestions you may have, whether for the ideas above or for others you've thought up.
Cathak Garel Treon
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Sat 14 Feb 2009
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Re: OOC - Player Input Time!
I'm just going to give my few cents here.  Being able to stunt learn would be nice here, but seems to be much less important, given the relatively learning time rich nature of the game, thanks to all the sailing.  (As opposed to Five Coils where we were must have all averaged more than 1 post per minute of elapsed game time)

A player-contributions thread would be cool.  I don't contribute that much to the one in Five Coils, but I do enjoy reading many of the stories that do get posted there (And I love that you work some of it back into the plot).  It might let you easily generate more rumours that might be heard around the various ports of the West, too.

I think a combat OOC thread could be very handy.  Certainly when I play on IRC, I much prefer having dice rolls separated from IC content, to make both easier to follow.  Although I can see how it might make a forum thread slightly harder to follow (due to the lack of real time).  Perhaps you need an OOC thread, but make sure to annotate the main thread with the results?  So the OOC thread will have, say, the attack rolls, the charm enhanced stunt defence rolls then the damage rolls.  And in the IC thread that just becomes [demonic pirate takes 4L damage].  That way, you could follow the combat from just the IC thread, while having the crunchy stuff readily available in the OOC one.

I'm all for the War ability becoming more useful (*eyes sheet*) and anything to reduce dicerolls gets a +1 from me.
Kiana Makohgn
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Sat 14 Feb 2009
at 17:03
Re: OOC - Player Input Time!
Wait a minute...

I can get xp for writing about Kiana?  I write about her ANYWAY, off the game.  So I could take that stuff, post it here, and get precious XP for it?

Ah man, I am TOTALLY sold.  Gimmegimmegimme!  <3
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Sat 14 Feb 2009
at 17:44
Re: OOC - Player Input Time!
Treon: What you said about stunt-learning is exactly why I haven't incorporated it in Outcastes yet. I just wondered if people would appreciate it with how long it can take to go through combats. ^^;

As for the combat OOC, yeah, I would have done something like that (put the bare minimum of OOC detail into the IC thread). I find I have to put way too many annotations into IC, otherwise. Same with 5Coils to some extent, but it's more pronounced in Outcastes because I often have to be pretty exact about how many extras/crew/etc. are left, distances and positions between ships and so on. (hell, if I could actually be bothered to actually draw naval combat scenarios and/or use some sort of mapping tool with icons, I would do it.)

So if I were to do combat OOC I'd definitely test it here first. Though... just to be consistent (and I try to be a stickler for consistency!), it won't actually happen until the next combat you folks get into.

Kiana: Yep! it'd be just like that. :) In 5Coils I usually give 2-4 xp for stories or other contributions (art, theme songs etc.) The limit per month would be anywhere from 8-12 xp.

ohoh, time to get ready to go, I just wanted to say that really quick. >.>

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Isole Kareth
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Tue 17 Feb 2009
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Re: OOC - Player Input Time!
Hmmm, I've only been in this game a short time so I don't know if I can really offer any useful commentary but what Treon says seems reasonable.  As far as other suggestions go, they all seem fine.  I don't particularly have a preference towards the system you use to award experience.  I will say that I have developed a preference towards having something of a rough correlation between the rate at which experience is earned and training time which is available.  The system you appear to be using hear does just that, but then again you appear to be using a different system of awarding XP in 5 Coils and you still manage to keep the balance.
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Sat 14 Mar 2009
at 19:26
Thoughts on this game's future
I've been thinking a lot lately about my involvement in rpol, which is basically... starting to eat into my life a little too much.

Now this isn't a "I'm leaving rpol" post, but I am however considering that I will need to trim the player base for this game.

There are people I do definitely want to keep. However, there are some I am considering to drop due to various reasons:

1) slower posting speed
2) too many short posts
3) possible incompatibility in play style

My problem with doing this is that I really ... really dislike dropping players. I don't want the reputation going around that I am the type to ax people unfairly. So I will try to explain my reasonings:

First of all, it would make the game easier to run should I have a smaller, more cohesive group to play with.

Second, I want to keep players who are more active in their involvement, who don't need me to prod them to post 3-5 days/week or need prompts specifically targeting their PC in order to post. This would also make the game run more smoothly and put a lot less stress on me.

So... all that said... any thoughts from players about this? Also, if you suspect you might be one of the people dropped, you can take it up with me either by posting here or in PM.

(also, just editing here, I don't think I'll drop people right away. This is more an advance warning.)

(edit 2, I do make exceptions for people who tell me they are busy, but think they will be able to resume posting speed at a later date.)

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