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Mon 13 Oct 2008
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                        WELCOME TO ANDORIA!

   Andoria is a world of my own imagination and therefore is my own intellectual property.  Please do not use any of the names or plot lines established here without my expressed permission, and do not play in this game if you are unwilling to have your content used in some other fashion, in another game or possibly even a book of fiction.  I have long been working on a book of stories with this title, so be it known that if you play here and I like your character (and there is a God in Heaven who shines his face on me and allows me to finish and publish said book someday) you may see your character or ones very similar in said book.  You have been fairly warned.
<overly dramatic music swells!>

   If you don't mind being a part of my creative process, then I welcome you to continue to read about Andoria, submit an RTJ, and come and stay a while.  I'm fairly choosy about who I ask to play.  I'm looking for good, committed writers and players who want to stay in a game for the long haul and dispise one line posts at least half as much as I do.  I ask that you post at least three times a week on weekdays.  I myself very seldom post on weekends, so this will primarily be a M-F posting game.  If that won't fit your schedule, than this isn't the game for you.

   If you like what you've read so far and you want more, check out the RTJ next.

Oh and don't forget that this is a mature game so be sure you understand RPOL's TOU!  Thanks!

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