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Mon 13 Oct 2008
at 21:40
So the fact that your reading this, if you've followed directions, means your intested in playing.  If so, please put at the very top of your RTJ, what I asked you to be sure you understood before RTJing.  I'll give you a hint, it was in red. ;)

Immediatly after that, please cut and paste the following and fill it out.

Your Real Age:
An email I can reach you at: I find this helpful in the event I can't get on RPOL due to technical problems, we can still get in contact with one another.
RPing experience both TT and RPOL:
A sample post: Either cut and paste something from another game or write me two to three paragraphs (a paragraph consists of no less than four sentances) as any character in any situation you choose.  Remember this is key.  I'm looking for great writers and people who know how to paint a picture with words.  I can handle misspellings (if you stick with the game long enough you know I am an editor's nightmare) but don't just slop through it.  Use a spell checker if you can, and please ALWAYS PREVIEW BEFORE YOU POST!!!  (sorry, pet peeve).

That's it, we'll start there.  Once your accepted I'll give you access to the broader history of Andoria and you'll be able to choose your class, race, etc out of the choices involved.  Together we'll come up with a background which you will write and get your character up to snuff.  Most of you will start out alone and end up meeting the others along the way.  A few of you may start together, but mostly you'll probably adventure on your own for a time before meeting up with the others.

Character sheets, concepts or backgrounds.  This will come later.  Right now I just want good writers and people committed to a process.

I look forward to you submission.

DM the GM.

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Wed 9 Jan 2013
at 07:34
I find that I'm getting a few questions right off the bat common to most of the RTJers, so I wanted to try and head them off.

1.  Any of the 5e compendium books are fine.  I have a few of them, but if you have a variant you want to play, and it fits Andoria's history (or you can make it fit in an interesting way) I'll probably allow it.  You just may have to do some cutting and pasting or linking me to info on it if it's a book I don't have.

2.  This is very important!  My philosophy of gaming is pretty simple... I want people to have fun and be creative.  As a GM I am way more interested in the story than in the mechanics.  I firmly believe that the rules should serve the players and the story and not the other way around.  Be warned!!! If you are totally into following the rules of 5e and are into arguing about whether or not an everburning torch can be seen in a bag of holding when its carrier is wearing a ring of invisibility (don't laugh, I've had someone try and draw me into this very argument) then this is NOT the game for you!  Please understand, my goal here is to give you, the player, a place to be as absolutely creative as you want to be.  If you have a concept for a character that you have always wanted to play but no GM would allow it or the system rules didn't allow for the variations, then you have come home my friend because my goal is for you to create a character that you not only like now, but that you will be excited to come back again and again to develop not for a couple months, but for years.  My ultimate goal is for you to tell all your friends that this is your favorite character ever and Andoria is your favorite game to play.  That said...  I want to make it clear that I understand the need for rules and for basic constructs when it comes to things like combat and such.  We will have structure, die rolling, stats and all that, but the reason for them will always be to serve the players and the story.  Make no mistake, your character will get chewed up, beat up and have their share of troubles here, your character can even die here.. but if that happens it will be because the story demands it (and you will be in agreement with it).

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you in RTJland.

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