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Tue 14 Oct 2008
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Do's, Don'ts, and Should Knows
Usually this is where I tell you not to God Mod and to be nice to each other and threaten bodily harm and banishment to your character if you don't act like adult people.  I hate doing that because I figure by this time if I've added you and your reading this it's because we've talked, and I've gotten enough of a feel for you as a player that I want you in the game.  That said, if you do any of the things you know your not supposed to do and I catch you, you'll get warned once and then it's bye bye.  I just don't have the time to deal with childishness and stuborness.  We're here to play and have fun and if it's not fun then we should all find something else to do.  Nuff said.

I do want to say this about posting rates.  I expect and will continue to expect a posting rate of three times a week minimum from my players.  I will dock you XP if you don't post regularily and make others wait without posting in the MIA thread when you'll be gone AND when we can expect you to return.  Let me be clear, this is my absolute pet peeve.  I know RL happens, and it happens to me too, but if I can communicate, so can you.  It only takes a second to log on and say "I'm not going to be around again until...." and log off.  I will call you on it and I welcome you to call me on it if I don't live up to this.

I will have a thread set up called:Current Character Stats.  This is where you put down all your expendibles such as rations, oil, arrows, spells, and whatever else you have that you use up and must be replenished.  Spell components do not count unless they are over 49gp value.  These will be handled in you upkeep monies.  I also want you to put your stats, saving throws and TAB (total attack bonuses) for each weapon with damage amounts and ranges.  This is to make it so I don't have to go into each individual character sheet to see what I need for saving throws.  HP's should be kept up to date here as well.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep this thread up to date.  Before you log off each time, be sure your information is correct.  If you replenish your arrows and don't write it down and get to an encounter and start firing arrows and I see you have zero in the tread, guess what.  Your throwing rocks until you get back to town.  Same with spells and HP's.  These must also be in private threads to me so that others don't see your stats and information.  Any other character should just see your character name and nothing else.

XP will be handed out every Friday (unless something unforseen happens or there is none to hand out).  This will help me to keep a handle on it and help you to see progress.  I do require you to explanin why you gain skills to a certain extent.  If your a rogue character and you picked seven locks in the last week, I don't need much explination as to why your skill went up in that area.  However if you add four points to your Heal skill and have done nothing in the last level to show how you got there, I'm going to ask questions.  I will make available to you trainers for feats at other levels at a cost (don't worry, I won't rape you).  For those of you who are rules lawyers, I use my own scale for XP and it's none of your beezwax!  Most times you'll find I'm more than fair about it.  Just remember I give bonuses for good RPing and staying true to your character, and I will deduct for things I see as out of character and BIGTIME for one line posts or meandering posts that really don't say anything.  I want you to write!  Create a picture with words, draw me into your vision of your character.  You'll progress quickly if you do.

Treasure will be handled in the treasure thread.  It will stay there until sold or claimed by a character.  All coin, gems and the like will be split among party as party decides.  If the party takes too long to decide, DM the GM will take a cut to decide for you. :)  I will also keep a running tally here of who got what and when as far as magic items.  This doesn't mean that someone can't get two items in a row, it just means it will not happen accidentally.

Please color your dialouge.  I don't care if you use quotes and I don't care if you use third person past or first person present or mix them up.  It can get confusing and I find that most people fall into line with the rest of the group once a comfortable voice is established, but don't get uptight about it.  Just color your text and PLEASE don't use brown as it is very hard to read.

In combat I will roll init for all to keep it simple and then post who goes first.  You don't have to post inorder, but please put your roll results in a PM to me in your post.  Again, only allow characters to see what they would normally see.  They don't need to know what AC you hit or anything like that.  If you go invisible by either spell or item, post all your posts in a PM thread, not in the regular thread, I hate that.  Five or six posts that everyone else just sees PM over and over.  If you need to PM me or anyone else, do it at the end of a regular post or put it in the PM messages board please.  At the end of the round I will write a summary post, roll init, and the whole thing will start over.  In a few cases I will post a map for combat, but only if it is absolutely necessary for the understanding of the group.

I'm sure I'll think of some other things, but until then, these are the rules.  Any questions, feel free to let me know.  Thanks for playing and most of all, enjoy Andoria!