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The Cast
Active PCs
Broken Eternal - Day Caste Abyssal / vengeful assassin.
Danae Adela - Dawn Caste Solar / crafter-general.
Kares Perian - Zenith Caste Solar / rebel priest and spokesperson.
Ledaal Xurizu - No Moon Lunar / sorcerer-assassin and test subject.
Peleps Dashu - Night Caste Solar / criminal investigator.
Saina Nanaret (Ranavalona) - Changing Moon Lunar / trickster gladiatrix.
Tervila Dena - Full Moon Lunar / messenger and crafter.
Third Beneficiary of Orderly Knowledge - Twilight Caste Solar / living library.
Veldygar Arhandor - Eclipse Caste Solar / spirit negotiator.
Yaishin Higura - Sidereal of Secrets / doctor and sociologist.

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Open Threads
All active threads are now in Group 1. You'll be expected to keep track of which thread(s) you are posting in. :)

Note: Threads that occur before or after current time run simultaneously with the current time threads in order to help save time and/or keep the action moving.

After Current Time


Current Time (18 Resplendent Water, RY 1085)

Floors B25-B22 - Inner Temple, Central Column
Dashu, Kilani, Veldygar(?), Xurizu

Floor B21 - District of Earth, Control Floor
Danae, Dena, Eternal, Immy

Floor B21 - District of Earth, Gatekeeper Core
Higura, Nanaret, Perian, Third

Before Current Time


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