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Fri 31 Oct 2008
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Good rules borrowed from another game.

1) No nitpicking.  No one is rules lawyers

2) No slamming, flaming and so on, of other players. This will get you removed from the game and banned . . .  NO IF’s, AND’s or BUT’s!

3)  I understand real life comes first, but please have the courtesy to let me know if you are going to up and disappear.  The game will not be held up because you have not posted. I will remove you if you do not post in one week with no word.

4) Sometimes things can get heated between characters/NPC.  Just remember it is just a game and do not take it personally.  If you are going to take things personally YOU DO NOT need to be here.

5) Role Playing is a must and I DO NOT like one liners.  I know sometimes when you reply to a question you have too.

6) I do not allow real religion into my games at all. So if you want to say something along those lines we say “By the Gods” or “For Zeus sakes” or something along that line.

7) Religion or politics will not be talked about at all. This cause too many problems...keep such topics in the lines of the  game  world.

8) I there is an issue with another player do not take it to the board.  PM me about it and we will try to resolve it.

9) I do not mind foul language but in moderation. I do not want to see every other word a foul the  same  time, the  words  should  fit the genre.

10) Have fun!

If you have read the rules, then when RTJ put: 10) I have read the rules.

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Tue 18 Jan 2011
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Re: Rules
Calling  On Eta ( or  Neta)..Goddesses  of Good  ( or  bad)  Luck.

  for  an choice that  there is no clear favoer, You may call on  the Goddesses by flipping  a coin.

  crest (  the Leaves, Trees, wheat, or what ever sign from whatver  city)  or Bust(..the FAce of  whom is honored on the  coin)

  using die roller  a 1d2 will equal  1 ( crest)  2 ( bust)

  Thanks  to Justin for bringing this  into the game, and  adding  another RP  way to make choices.
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Sat 7 Apr 2012
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Re: Rules

   For all here , an explantion of "flex time"

 Flex time , is to allow  players to  RP  in more then one  thread  at a time..the  only two rules that apply to Flex  time  are these.

 1. make certain a flex time 'in the past' does not contridict something you will post in a  'future' thread.

 2.likewise, do not use  somehting  learned in a future thread , in a past thread, that your character would not have known about.

  this is to increase  players  chance  for RP, and help add more depth and play to the game.

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Mon 27 Feb 2017
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Re: Rules
 I think I need to address this, to help with the game play, and understanding this worlds.

 checking for Evil/good...

 As I have mentioned in the intro, and talked to you all in PMs  when you signed up.

 These are dark times in a dark world, and very little seperates the  'good guys  from bad is not  what they is why they do it.

  The Arrows are seen as Evil by folks who make a living off slaves, and such...

 Ironmound would be seen as Evil by  Hargen...

  so?... if someone is  trying to kill someone ( not in self defense) ..they would be  shown as dark...or at very least..dark grey

 If  the Arrows   charge  in and  chop up Cat folks  to save slaves, they would be seen as white, but Catfolk would see them as dark.

 The only real showing, is if  a person Follows   a dark god..or serves  are  dark god..( like a priest, paladin ,shaman ect ect ) then  they will show  the color of that god, regardless of  why they follow or serve.
travel times
Wed 6 Dec 2017
at 01:25
Re: Rules
a bit simple..but it will play well..

 River  travel  by  boat/ship.. 5 hexes  down river... 4  hexes up river ( per day)

 on ground... 3 hex  day foot.... 4 hexes  mounted.. 10 hexes flying.

 I some of  it  does not match up well.. but good  enough for  gameplay purposes.times

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