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Gods of  the realms
Name                                                 Sphere                Light/Grey/Dark

Alpower - Father of the Gods                         All                   Grey
Colors...Grey with yellow trim...symbol= silver ring

Lenus - Mother of the Gods                           Sea and Water Ways    Grey
colors...blue-gray  Symbol Three waves

Trall - God of War                                                         Grey
Colors..black with Grey trim...symbol=Black Hammer

Amot - Goddess of Peace                                                    Grey
White  with gold trim...symbol= sun

Eta - Goddess of Good Luck                                                 Light
green with silver trim...symbol=Dice on a silver coin

Neta - Goddess of Bad Luck                                                 Dark
Dark Purple with red trim..symbol= broken dice

Mina - Goddess of Nature                                                   Light
Green with Yellow trim..symbol= tree

Bena - Goddess of Machines, Alchemy, Learning                              Grey
Silver, with black trim..symbol=a flaming gear

Gorr - God of Death                                                        Dark
 Black..symbol=black raven ( in any form)

Minor Gods:

- Trall's Children

Nar - Goddess oF Thieves                                                   Grey
Grey with Black trim..symbol= broken lock

Kar - Goddess of Assassins                                                 Dark
Black with white  trim...symbol=Red Dagger

Tra - Goddess of Hunter                                                    Light
Green white  white  trim..symbol=Golden arrow

Vert - Goddess of Chance

bark blue robes, yellow  rim..symbol= a Purple,faceless coin on a yellow backround   grey

- Gorr's Children

Harg - God of Archers                                                      Light
Red with silver trim...Sliverbow with a nocked arrow

Nin - God of Blades                                                        Grey
Brown with silver trim...Crossed golden swords

Oge - Goddess of Poison                                                    Dark
Orange   with Black trim..symbol. a Vial with a drop hanging out

Oleen -   Goddess of Healing                                               Light
White with black trim...symbol= two golden hands held out.

Cran - God of Sickness                                                     Dark
black with lightblue trim..symbol=two skeletal hands held out.


Drenn- Goddess of Drow who seek the light

Black robes  with streaks of grey....

 Full Moon with top  black and Bottom white                                Grey

Anin- God of the Sands

Dark Brown robes with sprinkles of sparkles
Black Palmtreeon wooden Disc                                               Dark

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Re: Gods of  the realms
  to help our  " holy Warriors  and such, here is what detection of evil, and the like will read, in this world.

 The Gods, will read anyone  of thier Faith as Light....anyone in direct Opposition..will be dark..someone who straddles the Line, would be grey.

 For Example  Mina's Servant walks into a bar. She tries to see if she has  any  foes  amoung those in the  Bar...Both  Eta  and Neta  would  register Grey, because they are not  directly in Opposition to her sphere...

 However Bena's  people would be dark, as she  sees MAchines  as abominations.

 Trall and Amot, view  each other  as dark

 Oge  and Oleen would view  each other  as dark as well

  Eta and Neta  would View  each other  as dark as well

  Now? some  folks may pray to  many gods, or a few..or one.

 as an example, Kree follows  both Eat and Neta calling on both sides of the Coin...and..seems to be rewarded for it, since they both gain followers,..in this game  Followers are important for the gods to grow in power.

 Only Alpower is  immune to this..being the the father of  all the Gods.
Foril Kaniir
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Sat 12 Jan 2013
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Re: Gods of  the realms
So, Alpower and Lenus are seen as Grey or Light by everyone, or does detection merely not work on their followers at all?

Does merely praying to them count as actively following them or must there be some actual observance?  Also... is this public knowledge?  Villains might pray to placate the good gods just to placate them so they can do more evil.

I don't want to be a jerk or anything, I just want to understand better how this works.
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Re: Gods of  the realms
  you have to follow the god you are  praying to...Kree follows  Eta and Neta, and the Combination pays off well..he gives  a nod to Tra  and Harg as well...now? if he would  pray to Gorr for  something?, there is  a good chance it  would not be answered unless there was some "Bribe".

  bottom line?  take a shot? see what happens....
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Sat 12 Jan 2013
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Re: Gods of  the realms
I see two right now that I'm going to have Riku go off of Mina (for personal reasons) and Harg. :)
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Thu 17 Jan 2013
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Re: Gods of  the realms

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Re: Gods of  the realms
  Thank  you Justin for the great work!..Justin  made the matchup chart for   Divine "checks"..it  will help  most Clerics, Paladines ect..tell if thier gods and the other  follower's gods  get along , or not.
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Re: Gods of  the realms
Yes good job Justin.
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Re: Gods of  the realms
Revised Divinity Relationships Sorted Alphabetically
Divinity Alpower Amot Anin Bena Cran Drenn Eta Gorr Harg Kar Lenus Mina Nar Neta Nin Oge Oleen Tra Trall Vert Vert
VertGreyLightGreyLightGreyLightGreyGreyGreyGreyLightGreyLightGreyLightGreyGreyGreyLightas viewed-
VertDarkGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyLightGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyLightGreyGreyGreyGreyGrey-viewed as

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