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Character  build
 New System: POD system ( My system TM) and all od that.

Abilities :

 abilities  are, the   determination  on how  well you can do something. These numbers  a represented in points. The use of abilities  will  ..ADD.. all abilities  needed for that roll and  divide  by the Number  of  Abilities. (  IE:  You use  ST, SP  and STA.. yuou add them, divide by 3)  this  gives you   your  Mod for the roll


 spheres  are  refined  areas  you  train and focus   on... spheres  are 'bonus  Mods'.. you add the numbers  of the sphere points and take  1/4 that number..that Give you an  extra  mod.

(  IE:   You are in a  fight.. your  use Attack  and  weapon  skills.. and take  1/4 that  number  to add to the roll )


 Lefty is  fighting.. he has ST  10...STA  12..SP 14..give him a total of 36  his  mod  for abilities is  12

 for this fight, I pick his  ATTACK and  WEAPON SKILL... spehers.. lets  say each  is   10..that   would be take  1/4 of that  for 5

 total Mod  for  Lefty this  roll is  17.... a 1d100 is  rolled  at +17 added


Dice Rolls

I do most the Dice  rolls, this  keeps the  game  free of  'numbers' as you RP

there  would be  2  reasons   for Dice  rolls..

  Combat..... where you must  beat the  enemies   roll

  Task...… where you must reach a  number to be successful

There   are  2 reasons i would have a player  roll.

 1... if  I rolled  very badly and I want the player   to have a chance to  save  the  charcter

2... a 'crossroad's, of  sorts , that  is important to a plot/subsplot/Minorplot  ect..this  keeps the game fresh for me as well as the players


 Character Skills:

 these are skills your character has learned over the years... weapons..or day to day things...

 once you start in the game, your skills  are set... for you  to 'learn new ones' you ask me in PM  if  we agree,  then  it  must be  'worked on' IC...

Example:  Kree  can't   drive a wagon.. But I want him to  be able to? so through the   course of the  game, he might   ride  with a  wainwright , or practice in a Village..nothing   just  'pops up" !

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Re: Character  build

You get to add 50 points to the start may put up to 20 in any catagory. every one starts  with 5 points in each





 Strength  5

 Stamina   5

 Speed     5

 IQ        5

 Willpower 5

 Charisma  5


 ST,STA and Will are added for damage Points

 ST STA SP...will add to Power, effort

 IQ ,Will, Cha...will add to improvising, skill, determination

 St, Sta..will add to injury  prevention ( or causing injury)



   HTH  combat
   weight  carried

    to push on after   wounds

   adjustments during battle

   weapon skills
   spell skills skills
   Understanding  your  craft

   to fight...cast
   standing your ground

    able  to escape major  injury
    able to inflict major  Injury

 Character skills

 (chosen by Player)

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Re: Character  build


 Fighters: Warriors

           Holy Warriors


Mage      Spellcaster


          War Priest

Rogues:   Thief


          highway man

NOTE:  You may Mix  ...any two classes..hopwever...your character ( for the sake of balance) will have to contend with the failing s of each...A Warrior/Mage won't be able to cast as High spells...Nor will he  be  able to wear heavy armor, or use heavier  weapons...ect ect.

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Re: Character  build

Warriors:  can use most weapons and  armor. Are Not very Stealthy..

Holy Warriors: A Warrior's  who fight  for more then Money or country..but  for the gods  they follow. If they be true to their  gods. They are granted some small form  of spell casting,..they are limited to the weapons of the god's  choice.

assassins:  Warriors who use trickery and shadow to  kill...they cannot  wear heavy armor

Spellcaster:  Mages:: studies  and  practice has  given them the powers to cast spells they learn, that are not...god given....sadly, the time spend in study, left them little  time to exercise..Limiting  them  to the use of  daggers, hand crossbows, staves and slings.

 Priest:  A holy mageling...their interest/love in their god, has  pushed them to  study  and call upon the gods  for   the power to cast God-given  Mages, they are limited  in weapons, they  may , however, use the same  weapons   a Mage  does, as long as their god  approves

War Priest:  a Holy warrior that didn't quite   follow the true  path. They can wear  leather  armor  and lighter..they can get god given spells...they may also cast spells  that a Mage has...However..they are limited in both. They may use  any weapons other  then Pole arms.

Rouges:  Thieves stealing, lockpicking...meesangers..use of  bows and  short blades, No armor  heavier then leather home in the city and the forest They can use bows  blades, not  pole armor  or LArger weapons..armor  cannot go above chainmail.

Highwayman:  a Thief  in the forest...Bows  and short blades, leather   armor or below

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Re: Character  build
           Holy Warriors

Suggest changing the Classification
Spell caster:
          War Priest

        Highway man

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Sun 8 Sep 2019
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Re: Character  build
 new  system..Races….

 Elves   +1 for   speed...and  +1 IQ -1 ST

 Dwarves +1 ST +1 Will -1 Charisma  adds  or  minus

(( others  races will be   decided  between GM and Player, then added here)

 Note: Red Elevs , -3 charisma.... Drow  -2  Charisma...Dark Dwarves -2  Charisma ...Goblins  -1 Charisma

 for gods?  -1 CHarisma Vs good/Evil

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Wed 25 Sep 2019
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Re: Character  build
( not  to be   confused  with  the races  above )

 Talents  can  he   Shapeshifting,... communing  with  on the gods  ect ect

These   will  be  discussed  in PMs with me, and added ( or not) to your sheet..these will be built on like  any  other  sphere, by adding your points  when  Bonuses  are handed out.... I will also list the  Talents here