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Mon 8 Aug 2016
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Caravan road
  Waiting for the 2 wagons,didn't take as long as they thought. Two wagons a driver and the merchant in the front..a driver and crossbowman in the second.....

 Kree pointed to Lucy to take point. Lafisual Into the grasses o the left..Diana to the grass on the right...He nodded to Rolf to The rear.

Kree a d Ivy walked on the left side... Brie and Luthien on the right. is said,you do not change your tactics,do you  not fear,enemies surprising you?

I do not change for fear...I will change when I need to.

The merchant thought for a moment, ..and..Captain....if you are killed?

Kree smiles,then?...I will no longer need.....

Ivy grinned at this,as chewed on a caffee stick.
Brestine Darksbane
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Tue 9 Aug 2016
at 03:48
Caravan road
This was the first chance that Brie had a normal chance to speak with the godly one, Luthien.

This will be quite different not traveling with the others, she said and asked at the same time.

She kept her bow ready, but an arrow in her quiver ready to draw at a new curious sound.
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Wed 10 Aug 2016
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Caravan road
"But perhaps more efficient. All the same, I feel I am still needed with the original team."

Two teams means twice as many contracts, overall.
Kree Quickshadow
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Wed 10 Aug 2016
at 00:38
Caravan road
Small talk filled some Time between the sound of rolling wheels and clatter of equipment.

..Tell me master ..merchant ...will any of these goods find their way to my people, in the Blacktimber...

..well, Good Captain....There is concerns about your attacks on  certain business men...we stop at Tou and let them sell to you...

..slavers you mean .My cousin  and I were in o. A number of those.....but that is fine the Sand people pay good gold for elven bows and bLades...their silver and fruits are favorites of ours,as well the dark tar we use as fire balls..

those weapons are used against the the Sand Raiders..who take slaves  both on the caravan routes and the coast with their fast ships...

..My people need trade..dwarves and humans make weapons that slavers  and the Hargen  kingdom but we  do something they do not.

what is that?

..if we find a slaver..with a Blacktimber weapon,we  kill them with it..slowly.....
Rolf Liefsen
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Tue 16 Aug 2016
at 20:27
Caravan road
Rolf moves along to the rear of the caravan, his long strides keeping pace with the wagons without undue effort.  In fact, left to his own, Rolf would move along at a somewhat faster pace.  So plodding along in the wake, Rolf's eyes range over the flank and to either side, though he also keeps an eye on the teamsters whenever he can spare it.  Not everyone who hires the Arrows do so with pure intentions.
To Tou
Tue 16 Aug 2016
at 21:49
Caravan road
 The group moves along.... up ahead  Lucy sees a rather ragged  fellow sitting off to the side,at what looks to be a road side stop for foot traffic.

  He sees the point man and stands....bowing his head and holding out a battered tin cup.
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Tue 16 Aug 2016
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Caravan road
Almsgiving is one of the virtues of a Knight, and knowing a beggar when he sees one, Luthien tosses a silver piece therein.
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Wed 17 Aug 2016
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Caravan road
Lucy is on alert for any potential threat.
For the moment she ignores the beggar, her attention further down the road where she saw some movement.
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Thu 18 Aug 2016
at 03:01
Caravan road
Lafisual tries to look back at the group casually so that the beggar can't see since he is already bowing and gesture a warning to stop moving for a bit and then tries to nod at what he is seeing.  He then tries to sneak up to where he can see what the disturbance is with his bow ready.