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Shadow Mist
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Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 04:42
 She moves toward the trees from near the back, slipping through them without a sound, trying to find a place she can throw from without appearing, or to sneak attack from if it becomes necessary.
Brestine Darksbane
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Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 18:44
Brie remains quiet and continues following the riders and wagon waiting for someone to do something stupid.
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Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 18:55
Lafisaul continues to keep watch with his bow at the ready and moving with the group as appropriate.
Orlin lion soul
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Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 19:24
Orlin doesn't show any expression but pounds the staff once more.  One seal away from release.  He mutters a binding and then continues to carry the chest as ordered.  A deep ghostly laugh comes from the staff, then a deep voice booms "I do hope he causes a problem.  It will be amusing to see the look on his face before he dies."

    "Your not helping."  Orlin says as he continues.
3 miles from trees...
Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 20:29
  The  Boomign Voice, Causes the Leders    to fall Back In his  saddle.. the Horse  trears  as he  wheels it  around  and Bellies out a bit...

  The Voice saved the Horse, as Kree   Drew his  longsword  with a swift cross Cut Moton that would  Have  Maimed the horses  left front  Leg, if not removed It... The Elf  Galred for a second  and the Staff... but  quickly controlled his Blood lust with a Not ot the  Big man with the stick.

      meanwhile, the  second  Rider  Had Lifted His arms , and Ivy  pulled back his Bow  string... Ivy was done  talking...

  Then the Wagon reached where the Rider was....I SAY AGAIN...HOLD!!!

 The Voice  wasn't  commanding was  soft and high,  came from a  male... the  fellows  thin wrists waved  around as  he   tired to keep His Balance.. when the wagon stopped.

 ..Please?....  we will make a deal   we have  come to offer you..good Coin for the goods you carry...

 Kree   gave the leader a savage look.. to be fair, the Leader  didn't seem too concerned  as he cantered  back  and  forth, Sneering at the elf.

  forcing himself to  turn hi face towards the  mageling,..'good Coin'...may not  be  enough, Mageling.... we are within hours of  entering my  homeland.... you on Razorhawk lands,  we have carved out  with  blood and Blade... so?    You  must bend to our terms  now........We start..easy enough....1000 Gold   for each  bottle you wish....

 The Leader's  horse  spun around. eager to stomp enemies into the are a fool...ground.....You are a fool....

   Kree sword   came up to point  at the leader, but he never took his eyes of the Mageling,..Silence!...Lackey!..Your  Betters  are talking...

  The  Horseman  growled.. the  other  horseman. moved his  horse with his   legs.. he stilkl had, whatever  was in his hands..ready.

 ..You cannot   be serious.....we did not bring that kind of  Coin, nor would  we pay that much.... he looked   angry and surprised.

 ..Then? leave Now, before you  find yourself short a few  riders... with a jerk of his head to the trees,.. My Home is but an hour or so away.... if you cannot pay the price..then begone...

 ..perhaps... we could enter the  Black Timber with you?.. and strike a deal there?

 There is an honest laugh from Kree.....You want to  follow, as Merchants? that is  fine.. you will not  enter with us...and you will have to strike the deal on your own, with Whomever i give the chests too.....otherwise... if you  turn around now, you can use the Campsite  we used, when  night  falls.

 ..we should  just  kill the   pointed eared bastard  now.... we would do the lands a great service...

 ..You are welcome to try, Lackey....  he   Nods to the Others,Let us be on our way.... Perhaps..this will teach the guild some manners, when dealing  with those who come as equals, and are treated as gutter scum...

  Kreee  Truns his back on the   wagon and  uses his sword to wave  folks forward...

 The Leader's teeth are gritted as he looks to the MAgeling , then to Kree and Back.
Orlin lion soul
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Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 23:45
   The deep resonant growl of an imense lion comes from the staff. "Hold lions soul, without command we cannot strike until they make the first attempt." Orlin again sets down the chest, and holds the butt of his staff above the ground, looking at Kree
Diana Hunt
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Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 01:57
As things began to turn sour, Diana took aim at the "leader".  Now, she had her arrow notched and ready to fly.  She itched for Kree to give a nod.  Kills these rude sons of bitches and move on.
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Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 01:59
Lucy use the tall grasses to move close to the mageling.  Should things go sour, he would also be one to die.  She was within 30 feet of him.  She notched and cocked her bow.

She hoped things wouldn't go sour, but she was very much ready for them to do so.  She figured the others had the soldiers covered, but she had the mage in her sights.
3 miles from trees...
Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 02:15
  The Mageling  stood on the wagon and said......Look?... Kree... Is it?

 His  eyes  narrowed,Captain Quickshadow , to you....folks  such as you, must earn the right to use  My name...

 The  Leader was almost frothing...

 Of course...Captain..Quickshadow. We will offer you 3000 gold coins  for those  two chest..and...

 ...3000 will buy you three bottles.....

 The Mage  almost fell back into his  seat...You are mad!...Howmany Bottles  do you have?

  Give me 1000 gold,  and I will have my people count them for you...but you do not get that

 ..Just kill them..take the damned chests..what use is our  powers if we do not use them...

  Kree just grinned...

 ..Only Fools  act thus!.... You speak as if you came from Hargen, iteslf!.... Captain....  we know what  price you can get for what you have.... our very..generous...

 Kree shook his head,..when did you learn what we had? And? is this supposed to make me docile?.... YOu would not allow us in the gates of your guild..a Guild  full of  magelings.... he looks at the 'leader'....and thier bootlickers....To insult me?.. or the Elven race to  stand by like some  trinket one to insult the crimson Arrows?.... It may be many years, before  this slight is me.
Brestine Darksbane
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Sat 22 Apr 2017
at 08:32
Brie has had enough of the insults and since she is at the back of the group of riders and magelings, she comes out from hiding to let them know, she too means business.

With her bow up and arrow knocked, she has the arrow pointed and ready to hid the insulting one without even a hesitation.  She just needed the word.  She dealt with this kind back home.  She took care of them, and would take care of these just the same.

Just say the word Captain! she shouts from behind.
3 miles from trees...
Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 14:40
   The MAgeling...a Younger  Human Male struggles to get down from the  cart... the  driver is a Mage Guild Guard... he  now has a crossbow in his   hands and is  looking over the Group.

  ...Captain.... Quickshadow. I am sure   we can make  some sort of deal...we need not  have a battle!

  The  elf's  Eyes shift from side to side before  they center on the approaching Mageling.It wiull not be much of a Battle, regardless of what powers you wield. Some of us may fall...but all of you will lead us to the 9 hells..

 ..Be reasonable?.... We are offering you a great deal of coin...and...

  Reason left...when we were treated like beggars outside the gate of the 'mighty' Mage's Guild...

  Turning to the others  , then refocusing on the Mageling....We are taking the chests  to my Village. Should you care to barter?.. you may follow us into the Black Timber, If the Wardens  allow it. Very  few of our 'friends" bother to trade with us, inside the beauty of the trees..... It is up  to you...if you wish to be one of those  few...

 ..This is beyond  Foolish... Cut the bastard  down, the others  will gladly trade the chest...

  Kree's Blade   comes up and points to the  leader some distance from him, he  does not bother to give the  fellow a look,..If the Lackey opens his Mouth again... fill it  with shafts.... That is the last warning...

 The Mageling, does look at the  leader  and  holds up his  hand to stop any further agreement. Then turning to Kree he asks,...and?  If your wardens  do not let us pass?

 ..Then..Good Mageling.... you will be out of the Sister's own Luck.

 The MAgeling looked a bit put off , but Nodded...

 ..You will remain 100 yards  behind us..and  closer, we will view that as an attack....

 Turning to his   Unit he says, Those with teh Chests. Move to the front.. and lead us to the  entrance of the Black is hard to miss... Scouts..spread out... if   one of the Guild's  folks  act to attack..Kill them...

 The Mageling  looks horrified,what if your  scouts,Misinterpret an action.... 

 Kree smiles,..then we will send a letter of apology to your guild...It would be better... to not  make them, make the choice...

 Waving the chest  bearers  ahead..  Ivy Fans out a Bit  to the   right, winking at the Leader  was he   walks  by.
Brestine Darksbane
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 16:46
Brie hesitates, but listens to Kree as he makes the word of their next move. She keeps the bow up but takes side strides to follow at the back of the pack.  She keeps her eyes alert and ready for the group to make a stupid move.
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 18:13
Lucy, to tell the truth, was disappointed.  She had been looking forward to putting at least one arrow into the mage.  She didn't really like mages.  But that was her thing.

She unnotched her bow, and put the arrow away.  She moved out as Kree ordered.  She quickly took her place as a scout on the right side.  Still, she kept an eye on the mage.  If things went sideways, he was hers!
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 18:17
Lafisual shrugs and moves to his scouting position as the group moves on.
Diana Hunt
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 18:27
In reply to Lafisual (msg # 249):

Diana unnotched her arrow, putting it away.  She quickly took her place among the scouts, to the left.  She gave the loud mouth a backwards glance.  She wondered if he realized just how close he came to dying?  She doubted it, but she also relished a second shot should it happen.
Orlin lion soul
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 22:18
   Orlin closes his eyes and mumbles something.  There is a movement of power.  The staff says something faintly...agai it can't be understood by others. Orlin responds.  "Perhaps you can request permission for a fly over from our hosts this night."  The staff murmurs again while Orlin picks up the chest and Orlin laughs as he walks where instructed.

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Shadow Mist
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Tue 25 Apr 2017
at 04:43
 She came out of hiding twirling her knives then sheathing then with graceful practice. She headed back to her spot near the rear of the group, giving a piercing glance at the horseman leader as she walked by.
almost there
Tue 25 Apr 2017
at 16:58
  The  folks with the chest were in front... the nearer they approached the Huge trees..the easier  it was to  see   cart paths, that served as  roads into the  trees.

  Though, it was true, that    any one of them  could have entered the    forest  at any one area... there was something dark, and forboding , about..'just walking in'.

  But, where the  cart Paths  Converged.. there were a Pair of giant Ironwood trees  , that  Bent and intertwined, like an arch way...

 Cart paths  came  from the   South.. splitting the difference between the  Black Timber and the Tou  trees...the Lather  river  was  there  somewhere  and Beyond that , the Sands..Oddly enough, that road  was not only more  worn, but sort of paved with stones, though, nothing like the paving Ironmound had.

 The  great archway was dark..and there seemed to be no one around.
Orlin lion soul
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Tue 25 Apr 2017
at 17:10
  "Hello friends."  Orlin greets the two great trees, "thank you for sheltering our path"
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Tue 25 Apr 2017
at 18:54
 Kree's  group move to Black Timber.
Wed 26 Apr 2017
at 04:07
  When the Leader  reaches the Arch way.. he finds  two serious figures.. on , larther large  Human and a slight elfmaid.. Both have Bows  readies..the HUman has  scars around his  neck. will hold..... what is your Business in the BLack Timber?

 The Leader growled, we seek to barter with that  group  that enetred..and if failing that..barter  in your village for the Goods they carry in those chests...

 ... since you are not normal merchants.. we will need to send a runner to the Village... you may make  campe, by one for the fire pits..or you may leave?

 The Mageling stopped the leader from losing his  mind... How Long will it  take....

 The  runner should return by morning... we will alert you as soon as we here..either way...

 WHAT!.... you mean  we might not be allowed in?

  Tou's Mage's Guild has never offered a firm allience with Black Timber elves , or  our Mages...but, the Elders  may wish to allow you to enter...since there  seems not to be a big crush of Merchants...

 ...we will wait....

 She makes a motion  to someone inside the archway.. and will need  no guards  tonight... Black Timber folks do not allow harm to come to those under our protection

 The Leader snorts, will understand  if  we still post a guard...

 It is up to you, of course.... but bear in mind? if  we wished you dead... you would have been cut  down when you appraoched   the Arrows, not long ago...
Thu 27 Apr 2017
at 01:49
  The  little wagon  rolled to the  nearest of the   camp sites.  They set about gathering  wood and  the mageling started a quick  fire...

 the  driver set to task, on making the evening meal.

  The leader and   riding Mage  took care of their horses and sat down by the fire.

  ...You know...that bastard elf is making us  wait...just to be petty....

 The Mageling  shrugged, their lands  now.... The incident at our gate should have been handled, better... we would have let in carpet  merchants..but we chose to offend a group, we would be better off...not offending...

 The rider  Mage spoke,our   good Leader.. did not help, by egging the elf on....

 ..the pointed  eared bastard  almost killed my horse....

 The Driver  was  mixing  a  stew, with meats and vegetables brought from Tou, and  adding wonderous spices  from the Sand People,..he bloody would have... he  would have  cut  down yer horse..and  took yer bloody head whilst you lay under its bulk.... I've seen him do such things... when   they got me an' mine from a slaver pack... shot two horses in the   head with two bow shots.. he was on the riders before  the  second horse  hit the ground..don't think the slavers even had a chance ta cuss....

 The leader look even more angry..I'm not a slaver.... and those are the Empire's Lands...not the elves...

 The riding Mage laughed outright, causing everyone to look at him,..Tell you what?.. You ride to the Emperor, tell him those   Ironwood trees and great black oaks are his... and he should sent an army to wipe out those who live there..and take it  for the glory of ironmond...better still?..Say you'll lead them?..It would  be a war, the Empire would not win...trace elevs would come to their aid... The High  Peak Dwarves would be split... the navy would me  split, considering the Arrows  have taken out as many  slaver  ships  as the Navy has...and?..That is not  counting the beasts.... inside those  trees?.... the Black Timber  folks  hunt what they need... and protect what they do not....but  if anyone comes in that  forest to do harm.... yo might see creatures  fighting  side by side with  elves, humans  , halfbreeds and whatever else they collect in there...

 The Driver nodded as he stirred,...count yerself lucky... The Elf  raised his Balde  to you...and you still live ta talk about it?..I'm thinkin you owe  Eta and Neta  some coin, next shrine you see..
Fri 28 Apr 2017
at 13:03
  They sat and ate, True to the elves  word, they could see an elf, or Human in leathers  pop up, now and again, a few  100 yards from their  camp, as they patrolled to keep their 'guests' safe.

 what would the  elves do, I wonder, if i decided to  ride down thier road to thier  Village.... Is that not an empire  road?

 The Mageling  just shook his head as he ate....The riding Mage  just laughed.

 The Driver  said over a mouthful of bread, go do that... they would bring your Body out, lookin' like a bloody porcupine ...not that they would need more then one arrow... they have bloody kids  that could  stick a shaft in your eyesocket while you full gallop...they would just stick the other's in as a decoration..or?..maybe Bets ta see who  could closest to yer  heart...they do stuff like with their enemies...

 The Leader looked at the Driver, seem to have a damn high respect for them..why do you not go live with them!

 ..almost did...but I like the city... even thier  Village , though great it is? not a city...
Tue 2 May 2017
at 02:13
  After    every one had  eaten. The driver   contained the  leftovers keeping it  warm with embers  and piled  stones.

 The two riders  saw to the horses on last  time. The Mageling  had  shut down his lantern and  put his  spell book away. nestled as best he could in his robes and Blanket.

 the riding Mage was asleep quickly as the leader sat at the   banked fire and finished his  Cafee..

 Tell me , you really think  that band of  mercs  could have taken us?

  There was a good  NAtured  chuckle from the driver as he settled into his own blanket.. You and  the riding Mage  would have died  first....The good Mageling here?.. would   have felt the impact of  arrows from many directions at once..... I might have lived though...

 ..and why is that.....

 ..'cause i would have  dove on the  ground, with me bloody arms in the air.... I will  never live  the good life... I will never have tile under me  feet, in my home.... but I am not a stupid man...

 The Leader   titled his  head  and snorted....

 the mageling  said, in a tired voice,If that is true... the good driver is one of only a handful in these realms...
Tue 2 May 2017
at 14:09
  The driver  was Up, stirring the pot  from last nights fare, and setting tea to boil.

  By the time he had his horse  hooked up, the other three had  taken care of  their morning needs and  sat around the small fire.

 three elves  were walking across the  field, in the daylight it was  easy to see the elves kept a good  50 -100 yards of  grasses cut to give them a killing field, infront of the trees...already some  of those who did not  fight for a living where Bundling up grasses to take back to villages, either for fodder, or fuel

  The three elevs reached the mages.. a..for an elf..middle aged scout spoke , her  eyes were on the Mageling, ignoring the 'leader'....when you are ready? You will approach the   entrance to  The Timber... you will follow the scout that will lead you down the trade road.... any exit from that road, will be considered a hostile act, and you will be  treated thus...

  A bitter chuckle  came from the leader,..I am most certain, we can follow  a road. elf....

 she looked at him, her right  eyebrow  rising  to disappear under her green armored helm...perhaps...i should think not, after your actions on the road? At any rate, you are ....guests... it will be ill mannered  for us to allow your deaths in the Timber..unless, of course, we caused it ourselves...please... Keep that in mind, when you enter the trees...

 she turned    and  the  group walked towards the entrance to await them... The Leader was about to stand, and the driver   put a hand on his leg, shaking his head.

  The leader  relaxed..and stared at the driver's hand, then at his face, causing the driver to withdraw the hand...touch me again, you low born trash.. and i will remove that hand...

 the driver  merely smiled at the leader, this caused him  to lean back from the driver,..look?..I don't bloody give a damn if ye get yerself killed.. if you lack the brains of a rooteater, that isn no concern of mine....what concern there is? is that yer ego will get us all killed....and i don't feel like dying, because some fool's ego was cut to the quick...

 The Mageling   just nodded  and shrugged,..the man has a point, Captain? We do the guild, no good if we are dead...

 about   fifteen minutes later, the driver was cleaning the pot  and taking  care to make sure the fires  was dead... then the small group  moved towards the  dark entrance to the trees...