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Character Creation.

Posted by The WatcherFor group 0
The Watcher
GM, 2 posts
Sat 8 Nov 2008
at 06:57
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Character Creation

Character Name:
Character Type:

Physical Description:
Social Description:
Personality Description:

Power Level:
Mutant Abilities:
Power Limitations:

Character History:
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The Watcher
GM, 3 posts
Wed 12 Nov 2008
at 08:13
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Re: Character Creation

Notes on Character Creation:

Character Name: This is your character's birth name

Nicknames: Aliases for your character such as Chuck for Charles or Pene for Penelope.

Codename: Either given to yourself or by your fellow mutants. Examples would be Wolverine, Gambit, Sunspot, etc.

Gender: Pretty self explainatory. Male or Female

Age: This is how old your character is. You can also feel free to list how old your character looks if their body ages more slowly for some reason (ie healing factor or other mutation). Keep in mind that depending on how old your character is, they may have lived under the heel of Apocalypse their entire life.

Character Type: Human's will be few and far between. People like the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man never came into being because Apocalypse moved against the world several decades ahead of time, preempting the creation of these super heroes. If we have enough interest in mortals, a portion of the game can take place in Europe involving the Human High Council, otherwise any humans will either be test subjects for people like Sinister and the Beast or on the run from the Infinites.

Allegiance: Your character can belong to either Apocalypse and his Horsemen (do not expect to be able to start as a horseman), Magneto and his X-Men, or Other. Other could be a mutant in one of the many slave pens used by Sinister or Beast or you could be in one of the rogue mutant groups, looking out for your own hide.

Physical Decription: This is what your character looks like, how the world sees them. Include hair and eye color, distinguishing features/scars, height and weight. Also please include a description of their uniform or current clothing.

Social Description: This is what your character is in the world. Are they a wealthy playboy like the Angel? Are they a sadistic genetic engineer like the Beast? Are you a rebel freedom fighter like Forge?

Personality Description: This is the section where you list what your character thinks of the world, other mutants, humans, etc. Have years in the Pens made them raving lunatics? Do they have a sense of honor despite all the hardships and tragedies they've seen in their life?

Power Levels: Mutants will mostly be Alpha, Beta, or Gamma class mutants. Most lower classification mutants have been killed if simply for the fact that Apocalypse lives by the creed of Survival of the Fittest.

Mutants Powers: Telepaths are extremely rare. Do not expect more than a few of them to exist free from Apocalypses grasp. Most other mutants powers are available on a case by case basis. Originality is always a plus here.

Power Limitations: Is your character unable to affect anything the color of yellow? Perhaps your telekinesis is too un-wieldy to be able to perform any fine manipulation? Does your pyrokineses only work when you have another source of fire?

Character History: I don't need a novel here, but I'd like to get a good idea on where your character came from in life. Were they born in the Pens and somehow escaped? Were they found and recruited to join Apocalypses forces personally by one of his Horsemen? Perhaps they were rescued from danger by one of the X-Men and brought to Magneto? Try to keep it simple.
The Watcher
GM, 5 posts
Wed 12 Nov 2008
at 08:38
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Mutant Power Levels

Alpha-class Mutants:
The Alpha Mutants are the most powerful and most feared mutants. Alpha mutants have extremely powerful mutant traits without any significant flaws. Alpha mutants are more common in the Age of Apocalypse, a larger portion of the mutant population as a whole.

Classify Mutants as Alpha level if they have a normal human appearance and their mutation is powerful, useful and controllable (i.e. turn it on and off, direct it at will.) Some of the Alpha mutants include Gambit, Professor X, Colossus, and Emma Frost.

For a more extensive list of Alpha Mutants see here:

Beta-class Mutants:
As far as how potent their powers are Beta Mutants are on the same level as Alpha mutants. The difference between Beta Mutants and Alpha Mutants is that the Beta Mutants have flaws, albeit very small flaws. Due to the creed of Survival of the Fittest, Beta Mutants have also become a larger portion of the mutant population as a whole.

Classify mutants as Beta Level if they have a normal human appearance and their mutation is powerful, useful, but less controllable, like Cyclops who can't turn his power off, but can still lead a normal life with only minor preparation. Wolverine, who has healing powers, can't ever decide NOT to rapidly heal from an injury, but this does not impair him in any reasonable way. Some examples of Beta mutants are Wolverine, Mystique and Sabretooth.

For a more extensive list of Beta Mutants see here:

Gamma-class Mutants:

Gamma mutants are powerful mutants but they have flaws. Unlike the Beta mutants, a Gamma mutant's flaw is a major flaw that makes their life very hard. The best example is probably Rogue. Rogue can absorb anybody's power, which makes her very powerful, but she can't touch people without triggering her power, which makes any kind of romantic life difficult. Also, while Alpha and Beta mutants can pass as regular looking humans, many Gamma mutants cannot because they have physical deformities like Blob or Marrow.

Classify mutants as Gamma Level if their mutation is powerful, uncontrollable, sometimes useful but usually detrimental to living a normal life, such as a monstrously inhuman appearance that can't be switched off at will.

For a more extensive list of Gamma Mutants see here:

Delta-class Mutants:

Delta Mutants are like Alpha mutants in that they don't have any significant flaws. The only problem is that Delta mutants don't have powers that match an Alpha mutant, or even a Beta or Gamma mutant. Delta class mutants are still the largest portion of the mutant population

Classify mutants as Delta-Level if they have a normal human appearance, but their mutagenic powers are weaker or only narrowly applicable, though still controllable. Some examples of Delta mutants are Forge, Domino and Callisto.

For a more extensive list of Delta Mutants see here:

Epsilon-Delta-class Mutants:

Epsilon-Delta Mutants are mutants that don't always manifest their power. This mutant's power will only manifest in certain circumstances and they don't use their powers very often. Their powers may manifest due to trauma, influence from somebody or somebody else or physical contact with someone.

Classify mutants as Episilon-Delta Level if they have a normal human appearance and their mutation is relatively weak, uncontrollable, and narrowly applicable.

For a more extensive list of Episilon-Delta Mutants see here:

Epsilon-class Mutants:

Epsilon Mutants are unfortunate mutants. Epsilon mutants pretty much have no chance of having a regular life in society due to their major flaws. If that isn't bad enough Epsilon mutants also only have minor superhuman powers. Epsilon-class mutants are becoming more and more rare in the age of Survival of the Fittest.

Classify mutants as Episilon Level if they have an inhuman appearance or their mutation makes it impossible for them to function normally. Any accompanying "superpowers" would be next to useless. Epsilon mutants are differentiated from Gamma mutants in that a Gamma mutant's inhuman appearance would provide a compensating benefit like superior strength. A good example of an Epsilon mutant is Beak.

For a more extensive list of Episilon Mutants see here:
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