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Game Rules.

Posted by The WatcherFor group 0
The Watcher
GM, 4 posts
Wed 12 Nov 2008
at 08:18
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Game Rules

1. This is a freeform game, and as such, I would like to have as few rules as possible. Any rules created will be rules that I have deemed necessary but I am willing to discuss things with players and can be flexible.

2. I reserve the right to edit or delete, without notice, any post deemed not in keeping with the rules.

I will leave a private line of explanation in edited posts or posts I want edited by you. Players can of course discuss any edits or deletions with the GMs, but GM decisions are mostly final.

3. No godmodding. Absolutely none. You can state the intent of your actions, but if they happen against another PC, that PC must agree to the outcome before moving on. If you have something you would like to try, please send a private message to either me or the person in question and discuss this ahead of time. Always remain civil. If someone doesn't want to do something, please don't force them.

Note that it is not godmodding if you are trying to interact with someone and they do not respond in a timely fashion. If, after a reasonable amount of time, the person has not responded, you are okay to move on past that person. I will step in and mediate when people cannot post in a timely fashion.

4. Be true to your character. You chose them, you picked their powers. Remain true to what you decided and what was agreed upon by myself. Your characters are allowed to evolve over time, growing more powerful with the passing of weeks and months of combat and other action, but if your character is a human, they will likely die if you decide to go toe to toe with the likes of Holocaust or Weapon X, depending on circumstances.

5. Even in a freeform game, your character can die. I would like it if two players could come to a non-fatal conclusion to combat ahead of time, talking with one another about possibilities to get their character out alive. If you get yourself stuck in a situation where they will absolutely die, though, don't expect to get rescued at the last minute. Mutants and humans, no matter how tough, all die. In the end, however, you will always be invited to play a new character should yours die.

6. Daily posting is appreciated in a game like this, but sometimes even I won't be able to make it online every day of the week to post updates or move along characters. Try and post a few times (at least three) a week. That said, if you can post every day and the people around you are limited to just a few times a week, please be reasonable and allow the game to go at its own pace, not leaving people behind. If things get out of control, I will step in and assist.

7 Posting Rules:
Pick a color for your speaking, using it when your character talks.
Use the same color in italics for thoughts.
Try and post at least a full paragraph or two. Large posts are okay, though I personally would appreciate more just a few paragraphs.
Try not to run all of your sentences into one paragraph, please. Also, use correct spelling and punctuation.
Please write your posts in the third person, using s/he and her/his in place of I and my.

When moving to a new thread, use  >>  >> with the location of your next thread between the carrots. When arriving from another thread, use the opposite << <<. Color both of these in orange.

Always watch subject lines and change them when appropriate.
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The Watcher
GM, 93 posts
Thu 22 Jan 2009
at 22:59
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Re: Game Rules

Edited Rule 7 to include the following:

Please write your posts in the third person, using s/he and her/his in place of I and my.
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