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Mon 1 Feb 2010
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2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
Please post what spells you usually have memorized in the spells thread.  Be sure you have done hp correctly (fixed amt/lvl); see the character creation thread.

A few weeks have past since the raid on Thistletop.  The goblin threat has died down and negotiations (treaty and/or access to the ruins) with the Thistletop tribe are proceeding well, though nothing has been agreed to yet.  Otherwise life has settled into a comfortable rhythm.  Early one fall morning you are approached by a member of the Sandpoint guard and asked to meet with Sheriff Hemlock right away on a matter of great importance.  The guard is grim and tight lipped.
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Fri 5 Feb 2010
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Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
You are escorted to Sheriff Hemlocks office.  Once everybody has arrived the Sheriff begins, “First, let me thank you again for all you’ve done for Sandpoint.  It’s fortunate that you’ve proven yourselves so capable, because we’ve a problem that I think you can help us with a problem that I wish I didn’t have to involve anyone with, but one that needs dealing with now before the situation grows worse.
  Put simply, we have a murderer in our midst one who, I fear, has only begun his work. Some of you doubtless remember the Late Unpleasantness, how this town nearly tore itself apart in fear as Chopper’s slayings went on unanswered.  I’m afraid we might have something similar brewing now.
   Last night, the murderer struck at the sawmill. There are two victims, and they’re… they’re in pretty gruesome shape. The bodies were discovered by one of the mill workers, a man named Ibor Thorn, and by the time my men and I arrived on the scene, a crowd of curious gawkers had already sprung up. I’ve got my men stationed there now, keeping the mill locked down, but the thing that bothers me isn’t the fact that we have two dead bodies inside. It’s the fact that this is actually the second set of murders we’ve had in the last few days.
   I come to you for help in this matter, my men are good, but they are also green. They were barely able to handle themselves against the goblins, and what we’re facing now is an evil far worse than goblins. I need the help. But I’m afraid you’ll need the help too. You see, I’m afraid that this particular murderer knows one of you as well.

At this point, Hemlock passes a bloodstained scrap of parchment to Zer-wedula.  It has his name written in blood on the outside of the folded parchment;
inside is a short message “We have spoken of this before, my master. Now it begins. Join the Pack and it will end.”
   The Sheriff says "This was left on the latest victim.  I believe this note was left to throw suspicion on you, and I don't believe you had anything to do with the murders.  However, not everybody is as understanding as me.  If word of this gets out, you could be in trouble.  Would you help me by investigating this as quitely as possible.  I don't want a panic on my hands."
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Sat 6 Feb 2010
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Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
"Hmmmm," Zer-wedula says, as he considers the note.  "Well, I am innocent," he brusquely asserts.

"I suggest we investigate the mill.  Then we figure who would wish this ill upon me.  One of the scholars, jealous, perhaps?  One of the girls at the ...um, house?  A jealous paramour?"

He rises, thanking the Sheriff for his consideration and sets off for the murder scene.

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Talis Revain
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Sat 6 Feb 2010
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Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
Talis remarks, "I don't recall that Sandpoint was nearly this exciting when I was growing up."  Then follows Zer-wedula, "Well if worst comes to worst we can always fake your own lynching.  You are a wizard after all."
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Sun 7 Feb 2010
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Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
Sheriff Hemlock looks a little relieved, "I'm glad you are going to help.  Me and my men will try to control any panic, leaving you to your investigation.  You can consider yourselves as my deputies in this matter.  But before you go, let me explain what we know."
Sandpoint Lumber Mill: The most recent murders took
place here—the bodies are still present, and little has been done
with the crime scene itself. Sheriff Hemlock suggests that this
be the first place the PCs investigate, since he would like to clean
the mill up right away and get the bodies buried.  The victims are
one of the mill’s operators Banny Harker and his girlfriend and
daughter of a local shopkeeper, Katrine Vinder.

Ibor Thorn: Sheriff Hemlock has interrogated Ibor, the man who
discovered the bodies, and doesn’t suspect the frightened miller
knows much more.

Ven Vinder: This merchant is sheriff Hemlock’s only suspect,
although the sheriff is fairly certain that Ven is innocent and that
the murders were committed by someone else.

The First Murders: Three con men from the town of Galduria
were found murdered in an abandoned barn south of town a few
days ago—their bodyguard survived the assault but has gone
insane and is being kept at a nearby sanatorium.

The Rune: There is a star carved on Harker’s chest.  Certainly it has
significance to the killer, but Hemlock’s at a loss as to what
it means.

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Sun 7 Feb 2010
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Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
Glum nodded and turned to the others, "Shall we begin with the mill?"
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Mon 8 Feb 2010
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Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
You head to the Mill down by the river.  There are many onlookers, but the nervous guards are keeping them out.  When the guards see your group, they nod and stand aside.

   The Mill is quiet, it's machinery (water powered log splitter) turned off.  This is unusual because the mill was working last night.  Harker and Thorn, the two millers, often worked late into the night, which had become a bone of contention around town as the noisy mill and its infernally creaky log splitter kept neighbors awake.  The mill is a well-built wooden structure with very thick walls.  The roof is of wooden shingles, and doors are simple timbers.  There are an upper (where the  logs are split and stored) and small lower floor (with the log splitter machinery), a wooden pier and an office.
   The guard on the inside will give you a rundown of the area.  The upper floor is the scene of the murders.  The sawdust has bloody footprints in addition to sprays of blood.  The stench of death hangs in the air.  The log splitting machinery is covered in blood.  A handaxe is embedded in the floor near the log splitter, as if it had been dropped there.
   The guard will lead you around the machinery, pointing down through a hole "The girls body is down below."  He looks pale as he says this.  On the other side of the room you see a mans body.  The poor man has been affixed to the wall by several hooks normally used to hang machinery. The body is mutilated, the face carved away and lower jaw missing entirely. His bare chest is defaced as well, bearing a strange rune in the shape of a seven-pointed star.

Where, what and how would each of you like to investigate?

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Mon 8 Feb 2010
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Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
Glum will begin with Banny Harker's body, first looking at the symbol, then getting down on his knees and looking for signs of blood spatter or anything else that might give him a picture of where and how exactly the killings took place.

11:23, Today: Glum rolled 11 using 1d20+2. Search for clues.
11:21, Today: Glum rolled 11 using 1d20+7. Know religion.

Talis Revain
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Mon 8 Feb 2010
at 22:50
Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
Talis will stop by the Goblin Squash Stables and ask Daviren Hosk if he can come along.  Then he will continue on to the mill.

Someone with some tracking ability will probably come in handy.
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Tue 9 Feb 2010
at 11:22
Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
Zer-wedula will assist in getting down the miller r retrieving the girl, whichever needs help.  He will use his knowledge of histry to recall any similar incidents.

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Tue 9 Feb 2010
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Re: 2.0 Murder in Sandpoint
Daviren Hosk is available and willing to tag along.  When you arrive he has seen enough death and blood to not initially be bothered by the scene, though he does look sad at the girls death.

Cat has a little trouble with Garious, so she leaves him outside.  She will help Hosk examine the scene.  It is obvious there was a desperate struggle here between 3 people; Banny Harker, Katrine Vinder and a set of barefoot tracks that reek of rotten meat.  The lingering scent of decay in the air is curious—it smells almost as if a small animal had died somewhere in the room and its remains were allowed to ripen.

Glum will examine the body.  The rune is obviously similar to the runes you found in the Thassilonian ruins, a Sihedron (7 pointed star) Rune.  What it might mean is unknown.  The body is mutilated with deep slashes all over.  In addition to the smell of death, there is a scent of rotten meat coming from the body.  With the face carved away and lower jaw missing entirely spells like speak with dead will not be effective. Perhaps someone skilled in healing could tell more.

Zer-wedula will go downstairs and examine Katrine's body.  Her mangled, ruined remains lie on the mill’s lower floor amid heaps of bloodstained firewood. A pale-faced, obviously upset guard stands at attention nearby.  Seeing this done to a stranger would be one thing, but a pretty girl you know...that is something else.  It is obvious, after a brief examination, that the cruel mechanical effectiveness of the log splitter had obliterated any clues and eliminated speak with dead as an option.  Zer-wedula does not recall any specifically similar events, though he does recall several conversations with Brodert Quink about Thassilonia and his Sihedron Rune Medallion.  If anyone could shed some light on the rune, it would be him.

Tallis and a guard will go examine the office, upon his return he states "The office isn't ransacked, so robbery wasn't a motive."

Cat looks at the handaxe that is embedded in the floor near the log splitter, as if it had been dropped there. The handle is covered with bloody finger-marks, and a close examination of the head reveals two things of note. First, smears of what look like rotten flesh and fragments of bone are caked on its blade, and second, the rotten meat stink is strong on it.  Cat almost gags when she sniffs it.  The rotten meat smell is particularly strong on the blade.

Daviren Hosk and Tallis move out onto the pier where there discover muddy footprints.  A barefoot human clambered up from the mud under the pier, crossed over to the mill, and then scaled the wall to an upper-floor window.

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