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I will post updates to the rules here:

From March 16:
RULES ALERT:  Because we are into a reloading issue, let me restate the GURPS rules for reloading (for Codec and Jade at the moment).

Remember first that one turn equals one second, and you are preparing for three seconds every post during combat, so it may be more turns for seconds you are in focus speed.

Each "turn," you can perform one "maneuver."  Maneuvers are listed here:

Note that some maneuvers take more than one second.

RELOADING From page 96 of the Basic Rules:
For replaceable magazines in a magazine gun (like the M-16's), it takes 3 seconds (one to prepare, one to acquire, and one to insert).

Integral magazines and revolvers are different.  Ask if you need to know.

If you have the "Fast Draw" skill, then it can speed reloading (see pg. 50).  This would fall under the "Fast Draw: Speedloader" skill.  (Note: I think this was taken out of the 4th edition, if you are using those rules.)

And don't forget about the Aim maneuver to avoid aiming penalties.

From March 27:

I got some advice on the fast draw maneuver based on the rule I posted above:

The Speed Load skill cuts the time to actually load rounds into a magazine -- putting bullets into the gun.

The Fast Draw skill (in particular, Fast Draw: Magazine) would be used for getting the magazine from your person to the gun.

So a successful roll for each of these would cut the reloading process by one second each.

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Hypnotism: Mental/Hard No default
This is the skill of affecting another mind through verbal and mechanical means.  ONce hypnotized an individual will be extremely suggestible.  Roll a contest of Hypnotism skill vs. the victim's Will-1 for each command that is given.  Any command that threatens the victim's life or loved ones will be resisted at +4 to his Will.  The effects of hypnotism last 1d nhours unless terminated sooner.

Post hypnotic suggestions may also be given, instructing the victim to do something long afterward.  Normally at +1 to victim's Will for each full week of delay.

First attempt takes 5 seconds.  If fails but subject is cooperative, can make second attempt at -5.  If that fails, cannot hypnotize him that day.  Should victim resist hypnotism deliberately, a Contest of Skills is made: Hypnotism Skill vs. the patient (will +3).

A successful H roll gives +2 to any use of Surgery skill, being a quick and safe anesthetic.  Successful hypnotism also puts a subject to sleep, and can thus be used as an attack, though only against one person at a time.  A successful Hypnotism roll can also help the subject remember something he forgot.
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Sat 11 Nov 2006
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List of Maneuvers:

Arm or Wrist Lock (average)  Def: Judo or Wrestling

Back Kick (Hard)  Def: Karate-4 or Kicking -2
     Prereq: Karate, cannot exceed karate skill level

Breakfall (Average)  Def: Judo or Acrobatics
     Prereq: Judo

Choke Hold (Hard)  Def: Judo-2 or Wrestling -3
     Prereq:  Judo or Wrestling, cannot exceed sk lvl

Close Combat (Average)  Def:  Any close combat weapon skill-2 or other weapon skill -6
     Prereq:  Weap skill; must specialize; cannot exceed prereq sk lvl or skill-3 for long weapons

Disarm (Hard)  Def: DX, Judo or Weapon skill
  Allows unarmed man to take attacker's weapon.  The defender must have successfully parried the weapon attack, or must grab the weapon arm, as per p. B111, substituting disarming for DX.  On the next turn, a Quick Contest betw Disarming and DX is necessary to remove the weapon.  A failure means the attacker keeps the weapon; crit failure means hit on the hand!  For weapons with disarming capability, replace Disarm with appropriate weapon skill.
   Can also use Arm or Wrist Lock to disarm.

Dual Weapon Attack (Hard)  Def: Combat skill-4.
     Prereq: Any one handed combat skill; must specialize; cannot exceed sk lvl

Elbow Strike (Average)  Def:  Karate-2
     Prereq:  Karate; cannot exceed karate sk lvl

Feint (Hard)  Def: Combat skill lvl
    Prereq: Combat skill; must specialize; cannot exceed prereq skl lvl+4

Ground Fighting (Hard)  Def: Combat skill -4
     Prereq: Any Combat/Weapon Skill; must spec; cannot exceed prereq sk lvl

Head Lock (Hard)  Def:  Judo-4 or Wrestling-4
     Prereq: Judo or Wrestling; cannot exceed prereq lvl
     This attack consists of putting the target's head in a lock, similar to a choke hold, but holidng it in such a way that the target can be thrown while using the neck as the axis of the throw - which will almost certainly break the target's neck.  After Grappling the foe, the attacker must roll against Head Lock to grab the neck (the target can make any Active Defense against this; PD does not protect).  On a success, the target's head has been put in a lock.
     The following round, the attacker can try to either Choke the victim (treat as normal Strangling roll), or he can throw him; the throw is resolved as a Quick Contest between the attacker's Judo or Wrestling skill and the defender's ST, DX, Judo or Wrestling, whichever is highest.  If the attacker wins,the target takes swing damage (plus a bonus equal to 1/8 Wrestling or Judo skill) to the neck, which is multiplied by 1.5.  If defender wins or ties, no dmg is taken and the victim can try to Break Free.
     See Neck Snap maneuver for lasting effects of neck damage.

Hit Location (Hard)  Def:  Combat skill -3
     Prereq:  Any combat/weapon skill; must specialize; cannot exceed prer sk lv

Horse Archery (Hard)  Def: Bow-4
     Prereq:  Bow and riding at 12; cannot exceed bow skill

Jab (Average)  Def:  Boxing-3 or Karate-3
     Prereq: Boxing; cannot exceed boxing sk lvl

Jump Kick (Hard)  Def:  Karate-4 or Kicking-2
     Prereq:  Karate; cannot exceed Karate lvl

Kicking (Hard)  Def:  Karate-2 or Brawling-2
     Prereq:  Karate or Brawling; cannot exceed prereq sk lvl

Knee STrike (average)  Def:  Karate-1 or Brawling-1
     Prereq:  Karate or Brawling; cannot exceed prereq +2

Neck Snap (Hard)  Def:  ST-4
     Prereq:  Cannot exceed ST +3

Off Hand Weapon Training (Hard)  Def:  Combat/weapon skill-4
     Prereq:  Any Combat/Weapon Skill; must specialize; cannot exceed pre sk lv

Rabbit Punch (Average)  Def: Brawling-3
     Prereq:  Brawling; cannot exceed brawling

Roundhouse punch (Average)  Def: Brawling-3 or Boxing-3
     Prereq:  Brfawling or boxing; cannot exceed prereq

Spin Kick (Hard)  Def:  Karate-3 or Kciking-1
     Prereq:  Karate; cannot exceed karate sk lvl

Stamp Kick (Average)  Def:  Brawling -3, karate-3 or kicking-1
     Prereq: Karate or brawling; cannot exceed prereq

Sweeping Kick (Hard)  Def: Karate -3 or Kicking-1
     Prereq: karate; cannot exceed karate sk lvl

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GM Heath
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Sat 11 Nov 2006
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Acrobatic Maneuvers:

Tumbling (aka Vaulting) (special) Def: Acrobatics; cannot exceed Acrobatics skill level

Includes basic maneuvers like forward roll, backward roll, diving roll, and others tried in a combat situation.  (This is what an Acrobatic Dodge -B108- is rolled against.  Likewise, diving betwee a foe's legs, reducing falling damage, vaulting tot he back of a horse, diving through a window, etc. use Tumbling.

One tumbling maneuver is a Chest Roll - from knees to feet in one second, ending up one or two hexes directly in front or behind the acrobat.  Backward Chest Roll is at -2.

Team Acrobatics (Hard) Def: Acrobatics
     Human pyramid, human column (stacking), voltige (people tossing).  More than one person participates to accomplish the feat.

Stilt Walking (Average) Def: Acrobatics
    Must roll every 10 minutes, up to 8 feet from ground with hand stilts and up to 12 for strap on stilts.  Feats on stilts are at -5, combat is at -3.

Aerial Acrobatics (Hard)  Def: Acrobatics-2
  Swinging on ropes, chandeliers, trapezes, etc.  (Rigging acrobatics).  Straight swing is at Aerial Acrobatics+2, is use legs or flip or twist then at Aerial Acrobatics level (or GM option, depending on circumstance).

Tightrope Walking (Hard) Def: Acrobatics-2
     Balancing pole adds +5 for long pole to +1 for small one.  Penalty is equal to encumbrance level.  Slack rope walking is at Tightrope-3, but may be learned as separate maneuver (Def: Acrobatics-5).

Gymnastics (Hard)  Def: Acrobatics
     Cartwheels, flip flops, walkovers, handsprings, somersaults, tinsikas, splits, balancing positions, etc.  Two skill rolls, one against this maneuver for flawless execution of skill, and one against Performance skill to rate the showmanship quality.
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Sat 11 Nov 2006
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These are new ones in the martial arts book:

Aggressive Parry (Hard) Def: Karate Parry-4
   Prereq:  Karate Cannot exceed 2/3 karate sk lv

Aggressive Parrying Kick (Hard)  Def: Parrying Kick-4
    Prereq:  Brawling or Karate
    Cannot exceed prereq skill/2

Axe Kick (Hard)  Def:  Karate-4 or Kicking-2
    Prereq:  Karate or kicking, cannot exceed prereq sk lvl

Cat Stance (Average)  Def:  Karate-3
    Prereq: Karate, cannot exceed Karate+2

Corps-a-corps (Hard)  Def: Fencing or Jitte/Sai
    Prereq:  Fencing or Jitte/Sai, cannot be improved beyond Prereq sk +2

Drop Kick (Hard)  Def: Karate-4 or Wrestling-3
    Prereq:  Karate or Wrestling, can't exceed prereq sk lvl

Ear Clap (Average)  Def:  Karate-6 or Brawling-6
    Prereq: Karate or Brawling, cannot exceed prereq sk lvl

Eye Gouging (Hard)  Def: Brawling -9 or Karate-9
    Prereq:  Brawling or Karate, can't exceed preereq sk lvl

Face Attacks ( Hard)  Def: Brawling-5
    Prereq:  brawling, cannot exceed prereq sk lvl

Finger Lock (Hard) Def:  Arm Lock-3
    Prereq: Arm lock

Fleche (Average)  Def: Fencing-3
    Prereq:  fencing, can't exceed Fencing lvl

Floor Lunge (Hard) Def: Fencing -4
    Prereq:  Fencing, can't exceed fencing

Ground Fighting (Hard)  Def:  Combat skill-4
    Prereq:  Combat/weapon skill; must specialize; can't exceed prereq sk lvl

Hand Parry (Special) Roll vs. 2/3 karate, brawling or boxing

Hand Strike (Special) Roll vs. karate, brawling or boxing
    cannot be improved

Head Butt (Average) Def: brawling-6
    Prereq: brawling, can't exceed prereq sk lvl

Hook Kick (Hard) Def: Karate-3 or Kicking-1
    Prereq: Karate, can't exceed karate sk lvl

Judo Parry (Special) Roll vs. 2/3 Judo
    cannot be improved

Judo Throw (Special)  Roll vs. Judo Skill
    cannot be improved

Leg Grapple (Special)  Roll vs. Brawling, Judo or Karate
    cannot be improved

Lunge (Average)  Def: Fencing-2 or Katana-2
    Prereq:  Fencing or katana, can't exceed prereq sk lvl

Parrying Kick (Special)  Def: Karate/2 or Brawling/2
    Prereq:  Brawling or karate, can't be improved

Retain Weapon (Hard)  Def:  Weapon skill or DX
    Prereq: Weapon skill

Riposte (Hard)  Def: Weapon skill-4
    Prereq: Fencing or other combat skill, can't exceed prereq level

Shin Kick (Hard)  Def: Karate-3 or Kicking-1
    Prereq:  Karate and appropriate style
   Cannot exceed karate

Shuto(Hard)  Def: Karate-3
    Prereq: Karate, can't exceed karate sk lvl

Slip (Hard) Def: Dodge-3
     Prereq: Boxing, can't exceed unencumbered dodge

Spinning PUnch (Hard)  Def: Karate-2
    Prereq:  karate, can't exceed karate

Stop Hit (Hard)  Def: Fencing-4
    Prereq: Fencing, can't exceed Fencing skill lvl

Trip (Special)  Roll v. Judo Skill
    Cannot be improved

Yawara (Average)  Def:  Karate-3 or Brawling-5
    Prereq:  Karate or brawling, can't exceed prereq sk lvl