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Sat 10 Oct 2009
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Scenario Introduction
This is just to give new players an overview of the current scenario that we're all playing through.

Scenario 1: Dungeons and Dragons

Basic Idea: Transform into RPG Characters
Possible TF Types include: Chronological, Gender, Monster, Mythological

Description: Each of the characters is a player in a Dungeons and Dragons game. You may or may not have played in a RPG before and the reasons you are here are up to you.


It started out as an innocent game of Dungeons and Dragons but along the way something happened.

The players suddenly found themselves in the game world, changed into their characters.  Chris Bishop, the DM of the game was nowhere to be found, although there are hints that he is somewhere.

The characters were supposed to rescue an Elven Princess from a mysterious cult but even that turned out to be more difficult than they thought.  Now they are being pursued by these cultists as they try to make sense of what happened to them.

But they are not the only ones who have been pulled into this game world.