Scenario Characters...or what do you look like now.   Posted by Bard.Group: 0
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Sat 10 Oct 2009
at 15:30
Scenario Characters
Please post your current characters appearance here.  This can include clothing, weapons or any unusual features.

This can be modified as you go along to reflect any changes.
Roberto Vargas
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Mon 12 Oct 2009
at 16:10
Re: Scenario Characters
Currently Szordran Ssambra, Half-Drow Fighter/Outcast Champion (depending on what level he is)

Szordran stands about 5'6", has white hair, blue eyes, and dark skin. He is seen wearing a mithral chainmail armor, and wielding a greatsword when in battle.
Gregory Stone
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Tue 13 Oct 2009
at 00:34
Re: Scenario Characters
Though previously a boyishly handsome, though out of shape, comic book/gaming store clerk, Greg is now Sister Aliana Farwalker, elven cleric of Fharlanghn, God of Travel, Exploration and Roads.

Sister Aliana is a athletically built, if somewhat buxom, elven maiden, with long blonde hair and big, innocent looking blue eyes.    She has a pretty and welcoming smile and friendly, almost ditzy demeanor.
The cleric wears a light chain shirt and wields a very well made elven longsword and longbow, and has several minor magic items at her disposal, like a sachel of holding, rings of Feather Falling and Sustanance, and a Belt of Healing.

She's beginning to wish she'd rethought things a bit, but is resigned to her "character".
Scott Carson
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Sat 24 Oct 2009
at 05:54
Re: Scenario Characters
Scott is currently Revia D'Lorna, a Coure sorceress.

Revia stands an impressive 2' 6" and weighs in at 25 pounds. She has typical elven features. Her brown hair reaches below the middle of her back, but is usually put up in an elaborate hairstyle so that it doesn't interfere with the wings sprouting from the back of her shoulders.  She laughs easily, and if she ever shows her age it will probably be with laugh lines around her brown eyes.

She likes to wear brightly colored clothes. To call her fashion-challenged is being generous.
Lily Averness
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Sat 24 Oct 2009
at 19:03
Re: Scenario Characters
Lily is currently Lilit, ancient succubus.

She is a a perfectly formed, oversexed and over-lusted sex demoness. She stands 5'10" tall and weighs 130 lbs. She oozes sex appeal wherever she is. She is  grinning, showing a perfect smile on her perfect face. She dusty red skin and a shimmering satin robe that is almost transparent, but not quite. The satin robe hugs her body like a second skin, showing off and flaunting her outlandish curves. The robe has a plunging neckline, showing an unbelievable amount of cleavage. She has a small bag slung over her shoulder.

She has a sultry voice and rarely doesn't have a look of orgasmic bliss on her face.
Dan Rycov
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Thu 29 Oct 2009
at 13:22
Re: Scenario Characters
Dan Rycov, currently inhabing Kenjinn the Bard

There really is only one phrase to accuarately describe Kenjinn; The Spoony Bard. He is the pinnacle of un-subtleness, with a large coated jacked over a white shirt, brown fur gloves and long cloth pants with mighty fine shoes. They were definitely fine shoes, seem to be polished shiner than the king's most precious jewels. He also has a giant hat but if I go into that we'll be here all day. Suffice to say it was glorious, had a feather sticking out of it and probably wouldn't fit through a door. Kenjinn wields a cane which contains a consealed blade, as well as twin short blades at his sides and a longbow draped around his chest and shoulder. He also has a smile that could make a succubus swoon with delight as he sits around wondering where his booze went.

Currently Dan and Kenjinn's minds are in sync with each other, but with Dan's being primary. Kenjinn's thoughts, memories and attitude are seeping into his mind though. Probably not good given his primarly female enturage.

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D Zhang
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Wed 21 Apr 2010
at 07:40
Re: Scenario Characters
D is currently Devanna Rejj, a half-celestial paladin.

Devanna is significantly taller and more fit than D, standing nearly 6'5" and weighing almost 200 lbs.  She is fair, with blonde hair, pale skin, and fine Nordic features.  Her apparent age is in her early 20's, but she might be far, far older.  She is toned and is even stronger than she appears, but she does not lack for womanly curves or grace.  Devanna has the moves of a dancer, all the more alluring since she does so with absolutely no-self-consciousness on her part.  A glow seems to radiate from her at all times.  The aura is not exactly light, but a feeling of goodness and purity that soothes all those who walk with her.

Devanna wears only a close-fitting white tunic and a short skirt, trusting in her divine aura to protect her from harm.  She keeps her lustrous golden hair tied back in a ponytail when she is expecting action, letting it flow freely about her shoulders at other times.

Most unusually, Devanna has a pair of large white feathered wings that spring from her back.  These usually lie flat against her back when she is on the ground, but she will ruffle them when she is upset or excited.
Jeff Levitt
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Thu 22 Apr 2010
at 01:35
Re: Scenario Characters
Jeff is currently inhabiting the body of Rox Bonebreaker, an ogre barbarian.

Even hunched over, Rox towers over most humanoids at nearly nine feet tall. His body is thick and heavily muscled, with leathery brown skin dotted here and there with small nodules of bone. His arms seem too long for his body, his oversized, clawed hands reaching nearly to his knees. His bare feet sport similar claws, and the skin is thick with calluses from a lifetime of walking on hard stone. His head, the back of his neck, and his shoulders are covered with a thick coat of long, shaggy brown hair, matted and filthy. More hair grows from his chin, braided into a long goatee.

His face is pushed forward into a muzzle, lending him an even more bestial appearance. His mouth, even when closed, shows a mouthful of jagged, sharp teeth. His ears are long and pointed, and his thick brow ridges and even thicker eyebrows almost hide a pair of beady, red eyes. His voice is a deep growl, and his dress is limited to a filthy loincloth of animal skin. From the smell, it's very clear that Rox has no concept of this thing humans call "bathing."

Jeff, for his part, is quite eager to introduce Rox to this concept.
Adelina Hawkins
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Thu 22 Apr 2010
at 04:56
Re: Scenario Characters
Adelina Hawkins now finds herself changed into a male Centaur Ranger named Acteon.

As a Centaur, Acteon is tall and muscular, easily towering over most other humanoids.  Where the shoulders of the horse end, a well muscled human man begins.  Handsome and pale skinned, he wears his blonde hair long and tied back into a multi-sectional braid.  There is a wild look about him.

Acteon wears little armor, unless it's specially made it just won't fit his Centaur body.  He does wear a studded leather coat loose over his human torso.  He carries a pair of long swords and a heavy longbow, in addition to a long spear.
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Fri 23 Apr 2010
at 04:40
Re: Scenario Characters
Su-Ming is currently inhabiting the body of the Princess Lotus Blossom, a delicate flower of Oriental feminine helplessness.  Clad in layered silks and embroidered gossamer, she stands out of place here with an unearthly beauty and sense of presence.

She seems to have the dominant traits of her body, though much has yet to be revealed about the nature of her mysterious curse.
Wolfgang Stienblat
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Sat 19 Jun 2010
at 14:32
Re: Scenario Characters
Wolfgang is currently in the body of Vallisha, a female Half-elf Ranger.

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Tue 21 Aug 2012
at 02:18
Re: Scenario Characters
As of the moment Lucas is, well, himself. Dressed in blue jeans, a grey tee and a darker sweatshirt, with short brown hair. Just recently, his previously brown eyes have changed colors to ??? (GM hasn't revealed it yet)