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All the Information you will need to create a character for this game can be found in this thread.  It will be updated when necessary. If you have any questions, donít hesitate to send me a PM.

Please be sure to read this thread in its entirety before requesting access.

Important Note: Looking for responsible, dedicated, mature role players.

How to Apply

When a player submits a character, I am looking for one that will contribute to the game.

This means that GRAMMAR and SPELLING is mostly correct and that your Character is completed properly. Your Appearance and Background should be of the appropriate length and in FULL SENTENCES.

In your application to join, state the following, which will be uploaded into a public thread for all to see: If there is something in your Background you would rather the others don't know till you reveal it in character, please point it out.

Please keep in mind that this character will be the one that will be participating in the variety of Transformation Scenarios. As such, they should be a proper human being!

If one of the other players has invited you here to play, please be sure to include this in your request to join.


Name: (A proper name)
Age: (Characters can be no younger than 14. No exceptions!)
Gender: (Male or Female)

Appearance: (At the very least two PROPER SENTENCES)

Background: (Explain your character in as many words as you like, mention anything from personality to personal history. Be creative!)

Preferred types of Transformation: (List all the types you enjoy!)

Expected posting rate:  How often are you able to post?

NOTE: Between Scenarios you are allowed to make amendments to your character, as long as they are approved by the GM.

NOTE: Please be sure to read the thread titled Characters. A little diversity is not a bad thing when it comes to the character submission.

NOTE: We are not looking for one-liner posters, please, put effort into your posts.

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Rules & Play Guidelines
Play Guidelines

The Golden Rule: We all make mistakes, after all we are human. Do keep in mind that GM is law in game. If you feel that a GM may have made an oversight, you may PM us about it, but if we stand by a decision or tell you otherwise, don't argue with us over it.



1) No Godmodding - This is a basic that all role players should be familiar with. Such playing is simply not necessary in a game such as this. No killing another character without permission from the GM and the character. We'll discuss if it's necessary. Be respectful of the characters, and do not try to control their actions. Since, this is a freeform game, the players will compromise on the outcome of the attacks, but if not, the GM will step in and decide.

2) Play Fair - Respect your fellow players and myself. Never take the way their character acts personally! The only drama needed is storyline drama.

3) Maturity - This is a Mature rated game due to the nature of some of the themes that will be taking place. No 'adult' content here, although 'mature' themes are of course acceptable. I will not allow cursing or vulgarities thrown at one another in OOC. That is unacceptable.

4) Posts - Please post more then Ďone-linersí. We donít expect professional writing, but keep spelling, grammar and punctuation in check. Choose a specific dialogue color, for your characters. Thoughts should be in Italics. Third person and first person tenses are both acceptable.

5) Participation - This game relies on players being able to post relatively frequently. If you know that you may not be able to for a certain period of time, do not join a Scenario during that time for the other playerís sake.

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Scenarios are a Transformation story that players can choose to participate in.
They can range from long to short and are focused on one or two different types of TFs.

Each character begins the Scenario as a human, but will be transformed over its course.

To request a Scenario, see the 'Scenario Discussion' Thread.