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Mon 14 Jun 2010
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The camera fades out from our heroes and transitions to a scene in a different location and with different players.
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Mon 14 Jun 2010
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Re: Meanwhile...
Aren strode confidently down the stone carved corridor.  He was dressed in shiny plate armor emblazoned with the mark of his patron god Nymuriel.  A mace hung loosely from his belt and a long flowing white cloak fluttered behind him as he walked.

Two other men in plate armor kept pace with him though they walked respectfully behind the handsome High Cleric.  A small retinue of priests and servants followed them

"Wait for me here." Aren said as he came to an ornate set of heavy wooden doors.  The two guards on either side of doorway snapped to attention, giving their High Cleric the honour that his position deservered.  He gave the two guards a small nod and entered the chamber on the other side of the doorway.
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Tue 15 Jun 2010
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Re: Meanwhile...
The door opened to a large, dimly lit chamber.  Groups of candles on stands created a circle of light around a raised stone dias.  The far walls and high ceiling could barely be made out in the flickering light.

Seated upon a throne decorated with the symbols of their god, sat a woman wrapped up on a long flowing cloak.  A hood concealed all but the lower half of her face.

Kneeling in front of the dias was another man in plate armor.  This armor was not as highly polished as the suit worn by High Cleric Aren.  This suit of armor was far from decorative, it had seen use and the scuff marks that marred its surface served as a testament to the quality of the armor and the skill of the man wearing it.

"...vanguard has already passed through the portal.  The rest of my...our lords army is preparing to make the passage as we speak." The man said in a deep gravelly voice.

Cleric General Ymar was a man of fearsome visage.  Well muscled, he was larger than the handsome High Cleric Aren and stood like a relaxed tiger.  His eyes burned with a righteous desire to carry out his leaders work with the points of the thousands of swords under his command.

The woman upon the dias gave the merest of nods.  "Very well, Cleric General.  Go, rejoin your army and bring our quarry before me.  I want them alive, Ymar.  Is that understood?"

Ymar gave a respectful bow of his head.  "Understood, Voice of our Lord.  I will bring them before you and destroy any who stand in our way."

Ymar rose to his feet, his armor clinking.  He took a step back and gave the woman another bow before he turned to leave the room.  Ymar gave Aren a slight nod of acknowledgement as he passed the spotless man.