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This is where Characters will be posted.

If there is part of your Background that you wish to be kept secret, please contact me.


Also, here is a list of the different TF Types that people have listed in their preferences.

- Animal*
- Chronological*
- Gender*
- Inanimate
- Mythological
- Pokemon/Digimon
- Super Powers

(* indicate multiple people)

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Sarah d'Meisha
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Tue 17 Mar 2009
at 22:58
Re: Characters
Name: Sarah d'Meisha
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Sarah is a tall, thin girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a red t-shirt and black shorts, with white sneakers.

Background: Sarah used to be a gymnast, but quit after she had a growth spurt. Now, she studies, trying to get into a good college and study Biology.

Preferred types of Transformation: Animal (Cat, Rat, Snake, Hawk, Fox), Pokemon, Digimon
Dan Rycov
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Tue 17 Mar 2009
at 23:00
Re: Characters
Name: Dan Rycov
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Dan commonly wears a long coat with a white undershirt and long pants, usually with sandals for footwear. He has medium lenth hair or brownish black colouring and also wears glasses. He is caucasian, but with a tan and has green eyes, and is of about an average-small height.

Background: Dan is a bit of a nut. He is always very positive and spouts some sort of nonsensical jibberish that makes even less sense of a confusing situation. He's not much for many physical activities but does like strange and wierd things. He doesn't care too much about his appearance and is very casual at all times.

Preferred types of Transformation: Pretty much anything is fine with me, but I favour Chronological TFs (turning into a Knight, Caveman, Pirate, etc) and Inanimate TFs

Just don't turn me into a pie, or I'll have a clown throw me at you. Though that might be seen as kamikaze wouldn't it?

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Cassander Miraz
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Wed 18 Mar 2009
at 06:01
Re: Characters
Name: Cassander Miraz
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Sander stands just shy of 6 feet in height and possesses a rather lean build, defined but not overly bulky.  He tends to wear his dark hair short and is a little lazy when it comes to shaving.  He wears whatever he feels is comfortable, ignoring fashion trends.

Background: Sander was sick for most of his youth.  It was a physical illness that kept him bedridden for days and ill for weeks after.  After a number of different therapies, and many, many years of hospital visits, the illness was cured.  Now finally able to enjoy life, Sander is determined to live to the fullest.

Preferred types of Transformation: Pretty flexible with the transformations.  Animal, gender, mythological, chronological, etc.
Gregory Stone
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Wed 18 Mar 2009
at 08:27
Re: Characters
Name: Gregory Stone
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Appearance: Greg Stone is a bit larger than average sized man, having grown up on a farm.  At 6' tall he can be a somewhat imposing sight, at least to people who don't know him.  Although a former high school athlete, Greg has gotten out of shape in recent years, weighing in at 220 lbs, still muscular, but a bit flabby.  He tends to wear loose t-shirts to hide his slight belly, usually one that says something humorous or contains a movie quote.  His red hair is short, but a little shaggy for him, coming just over his ears and reaching his shirt collar, and his sky blue eyes are one of his best features, though they are hidden behind his glasses.  He usually dresses for comfort rather than style, completing his t-shirt ensemble with cargo pants from Old Navy and whichever sneaker brand he can find for twenty dollars.

Background: A graduate from a northeastern college, Greg's double major in English and Psychology gave him hope for a good life and a great job.  His family thrilled at the first member of their family graduating college.  Greg felt his future was ensured.  Unfortunately, he was wrong.

The novel that Greg has always talked about never happened.  The ideas for jobs in Psychology or Teaching fizzled out.  Three years later, college graduate Gregory Stone was working in a comic/gaming store, four days a week, and the overnight shift at a 7-11 convenience store on weekends.  His life, such as it was, was in a rut from which he saw no escape.

Still, he had hopes of finishing that novel.  He had almost two chapters done.

Preferred types of Transformation: Preferred transformation is gender.  Other type favored is anything that gives "super/magic powers".  Other transformations are ok.  I'll try anything once.
John Maxwell
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Fri 20 Mar 2009
at 05:48
Re: Characters
Name: John Maxwell
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Appearance: 6í1 and 172 lbs. John was really tall and really thin. He has brown hair that hangs down to his eyes that are also brown. He is usually seen wearing baggy cargo pants, a T-shirt, and a leather jacket. During cold to even moderately cool weather he is usually wearing a fur cap, though on bright days in the summer he usually has a boonie hat on. He is always wearing a pair of glasses, his eyesite isnít that bad but itís enough to make him wear them to see long distances, surprisingly they actually improve his eyesight pass 20/20. Heís almost always wearing a set of dog tags that belonged to his grandfather as a good luck charm (after all if he got thru a war there has to be something there)

Personality: He is really laid back, and a bit naÔve sometimes he canít even tell if youíre making fun of him. Heís pretty geeky but actually really dependable when it comes down to it. He is often going off into daydreams though if asked they tend to cover a broad range of topics. He has been accused of being a bit of a homophobe.

Background: John really done much in his life he was on the upper side of the class in school but it was obvious that he didnít really care too much. He spent most of his time hanging with friends, shooting guns with his dad or playing video games rather than studying. Even after graduation and enrolling in a community college he doesnít have any direction with his life just living day by day hoping that something will happen.

Preferred types of Transformation: Any really, but I don't know how being an inanimate object would be done. I'm will to try anything at least once.
Steven Williams
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Sat 10 Oct 2009
at 15:58
Re: Characters
Name:   Steven Williams
Age:    18
Gender: Male

Appearance: A young man who is of thin build and average stature.  His hair is a shade between dirty blond and brown.  It is cut short though it is a bit shaggy. Steven's eyes are a pale shade of gray.   His typical choice of clothing is normally just slightly worn out old jeans,  a t-shirt,  and a worn out pair of Doc Marten boots.

Background: He's always been a bit of recluse nervous to get in contact with other people his own age.  He was just excessively shy that was all, and well life was easier without the stress of being rejected.  High school has been a wild ride for him, sometimes his grades are fantastic,  but other times they plummet without any bit of rhyme or reason except Steven's varying moods. Recently the young man feels as if he is merely treading water...  hoping for something to change.

Preferred types of Transformation:
Gender *     (Preferred)
Super Powers
Liam Ferguson
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Sat 10 Oct 2009
at 16:35
Re: Characters
Name: Liam Ferguson
Age: 20
Gender: male

Appearance: Liam is a young caucasian male with a slim and agile, yet rather athletic physique, similar to a soccer player. He has a boyish face with dark blue eyes, framed by shoulder long dark reddish-brown hair that he usually wears open. He doesn't pay a lot of attention to fashion trends, usually wearing a plain shirt/denim pants combination.

Background: Liam is a natural-born explorer. Curious is how most people would describe him in one word; whenever a certain topic arouses his attention, he'll investigate it and find information on it until his curiosity is sated. His dream is to become a billionaire so he can travel the world at his leisure and see everything there is to see. Currently, he's working on getting through college, but doesn't have a good idea what he'll do afterwards yet. Nevertheless, he's usually in a good mood, always looking at the positive side of things.

Preferred types of Transformation: Animal/anthro (canines, felines, snakes, birds), mythological, inanimate (preferably vehicles, but open to other things as well), gender, superpowers (some of my favorites: magic; shapeshifting, naturally; elasticity; self-duplication; phasing (walking through walls); melting)

(Note: I'm not a fan of mental changes - whatever happens to him, Liam's personality and self-awareness should be unaffected by it)
Lily Averness
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Sat 10 Oct 2009
at 17:51
Re: Characters
Name: Lily Averness
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'2", 110 lbs, medium length light brown hair, green eyes, slim build, pretty face- her ancestry is mixed german and french.

Background:  Lily was raised in Santa Barbara in Southern California and wanted for nothing. She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth and could do whatever she wished. Her father is a famous retired athlete and her mother is a former Miss California model. When Lily was ten her parents moved her to England. She's been living in London for the last 9 years and it's been a completely different way of life.

Lily was an avid high school student who overachieved in everything. She played 3 different sports in high school, was on the debate team, and spent every spare second getting ready for college. As a result she ended up having no time for herself and was burned out halfway through her junior year.  She started to act out, her grades plunged dramatically and she started to act irregularly. She was disappearing for days at a time. She went out dancing on the night before finals. Someone spiked her drink and she ended up in a coma on the other side of the world. This would likely have something to do with the fringe activity, although she wouldn't know at the time.

Eventually she returned home, finished high school, and was accepted in a full scholarship to Oxford University through her ranking as a top five high school player in the nation, great GPA, high test scores, and wonderful references. Her father also donated 500,000 Pounds to the University too. Some in the tabloid press have said her free ride was purchased from her daddy.

Lily has just finished up her second year at Oxford and things have never been better. She practices, eats, breathes, and lives tennis. She's lately been hanging out with one of the male tennis stars, although they haven't done anything more than makeout so far.

She dresses in a very fashionable style- her favorites are Prada, Karan, Dior, and Channel. She has a minor contract with Nike and wears/uses only their equipment when she's playing a match.

Preferred types of Transformation:
- Beatification/Bimbo from Girl next door to Sexiest woman on the planet
- Super Powered
Roberto Vargas
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Sat 10 Oct 2009
at 19:39
Re: Characters
Name: Roberto Vargas
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Roberto stands about 6'0. He has a well-defined figure but is not overly muscular, and tan olive skin. He is clean-shaven, and has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
Background: Roberto had lived in several homes throughout his life, not really enjoying the stability of a happy home. He eventually got into trouble and was in and out of juvenile hall several times. Finally, after getting through juvie, he tried to do what he could to turn his life around. At the time that he got out though he was unsure of how to do that. His thoughts went to his sweetheart Rosalinda, whom he knew for most of his life, and seemed to be a minor stabilizing effect in his life. Roberto seems to be somewhat selfish, but can commit acts of selflessness when someone least expects it. He also can be very shy, but once he opens up, he becomes a lot more social.

Preferred types of Transformation: Mythological, Super Powers, Animals
Scott Carson
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Tue 13 Oct 2009
at 01:51
Re: Characters
Name: Scott Carson
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Appearance:  He is of average height (5'8") and weight 155 pounds. His dirty blond hair is shoulder length. He's trying to grow a beard, but it's rather scraggly; it's a little darker than his hair. Dresses in neat jeans and tee shirts with logos of his favorite comic books.

Background: He's a drama student at the local college. Unfortunately, he's not a very good actor and knows it. He's resigned himself to being one of the "behind the scenes people" which he finds a real bummer. Probably the thing he's best at is carpentry and putting the sets up.

He's a little bit clumsy, and tends to trip over his feet when he gets nervous. He finds that girls talk to him like he's their big brother, but don't tend to get involved with him which he also finds a major drag. He's lost count of the "girlfriends" that he's had that ended up with one of his roommates or other drama students.

Every week he goes to the comic shop to pick up his "fix" and usually hangs out for a while. He's decided to try some rpgs to see if that can help him "get into character" better. He's figuring that he wants a challenge, and what could be more challenging than a normal guy playing a female character with a female GM. That might give him some hints on how to act better, and who knows, he might get lucky and get a date if he's not a total dork about it.

Preferred types of Transformation: Gender, chronological, mythical, super powered, animal, animorph
Abby Edwards
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Wed 9 Dec 2009
at 04:11
Re: Characters
Name:   Abby Edwards
Age:    17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Abby wears her long red hair in a ponytail, and thin-rimmed glasses frame her green eyes.  She usually dresses quite conservatively, in whites, tans or browns, but not so much as to stand out.  She's a little shorter than average for a girl of 17, with a lightly freckled face.

Background: All her life Abby has wanted to blend in, though her long red hair made it hard.  In adolescnce, she even began to get quite a bit of unwanted attention from boys.  Once she started consciously dressing and acting bland and uninteresting, most of the went away, and she was able to wait out the rest.  She's considered cutting her hair many times, but tells herself that changing her style woud just attract more attention.  Secretly, though, she's very proud of her hair that's been kept long ever since before kindergarten.

In the past few years, most of her attention has been spent on blending in.  She's not a straight-A student anymore, but she doesn't mind -- it's actually something of a relief.  She'll even often study without studying, staring at her books while her mind is elsewhere, lost in a daydream about a romantic fantasy novel she'd never let her friends catch her reading.  As much as she enjoys fantasy though, the prospect of real-life romance fills her with dread.

Preferred types of Transformation:  In no particular order, TFs I'd like to try:
-into a mythic or faerie creature like a nymph, faerie, or elf
-into a twin of another party member (who was possiby TFed from a guy)
-into a different racial or cultural group, including historical cultures
-light to moderate mental transformation or suggestion

Combining these is fine and encouraged, although variety is even better.  Two kinds of TFs I am not interested in are Female-to-Male gender change, and pointlessly grotespque changes.  Other than that, I'm willing to try most anything with specific interest in the above.
D Zhang
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Wed 21 Apr 2010
at 08:24
Re: Characters
Name: D Zhang
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at around 5'8", with a frame that can be generously described as wiry.  He might be handsome if he exercised more and got outside more, but the long hours he spends in the studio are all too evident in his pale complexion.  He spikes his hair Warhol-style, but with streaks of bright primary colors.

Background: D was born Zhang Douyin to parents who immigrated to the United States from Taiwan the year before he was born.  His childhood was spent conforming to his parents' expectations of assimilation and success.  He had private tutors in academics, spent six hours a week in violin lessons, and what little free time he had was taken up by his parents' excursions to museums and the symphony.  The hard work paid off, and Douyin won admission to an Ivy League school.  Once freed of his parents' influence, however, he began to open himself to other possibilities.  He experimented with drugs, alcohol, and sex before he graduated, but his real passion lay in challenging everything he had built his young life around.  Renaming himself "D", he determined to become the master of his own destiny.  D discovered a love of the visual arts (always deemed a waste of time by his parents) and decided to try to make a go of it as a painter/sculptor.  He moved around among the arts communities of several cities, forming many relationships but making few close friendships.

Preferred types of Transformation (in rough order of preference): Gender, Mythological, Super-powers, Duplication of another, Size (bigger or smaller), Furry, Age Regression
Jeff Levitt
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Wed 21 Apr 2010
at 22:53
Re: Characters
Name: Jeff Levitt
Age: 43
Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall, thin man in his early forties, standing perhaps a hair over six feet. His short, unruly brown hair is beginning to gray at the temples, and his brown eyes have prominent crow's feet. His face is angular and lightly tanned, with an aquiline nose an high cheekbones. He speaks in a quiet tenor with an American accent that has a slight Midwestern drawl. For work he favors a gray suit with a black button-down shirt and dress shoes. For casual wear he generally keeps the shirt, but trades the suit for jeans and the dress shoes for sneakers.

Background: Jeff had a fascination with telling stories from a young age, and eventually gravitated to horror as a favorite genre. He took up writing his own in college and hasn't stopped since. He sells his stories to various magazines and anthologies on a fairly regular basis, but he has yet to make enough money to live off his writing. He pays the bills by working as a copy editor.

Personality-wise, he considers himself an old-fashioned gentleman, and detests rudeness. He's very non-confrontational, and something of a coward.

Preferred types of Transformation: Animal, super/magical powers, mythological beings. I tend to prefer playing out gradual transformations than instantaneous ones, but I'm fine with either. Gender or mental changes don't interest me.
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Fri 23 Apr 2010
at 04:34
Re: Characters
Name: Su-Ming Tsai
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'0", 89 lbs, short pageboy cut black hair, brown eyes, svelte athletic build, pretty face- her ancestry is obviously Asian, specifically Chinese.

Background:  Pretty, rich, Varsity cheerleader from Beverly Hills High School, Su-Ming was the stereotypical Southern California Princess circa 1985.  Her boyfriend was attending UCLA and invited her to play in his weekly D&D game.  Originally dismissive of the idea, she eventually gave in and showed up one fateful gameday...

Preferred types of Transformation: (Already listed in RTJ)