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Required Reading:  What this forum is for.

Posted by jase
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Mon 30 Mar 2009
at 03:09

Required Reading:  What this forum is for.

This forum, in conjunction with the beta site [], is to discuss the continued development of RPoL and to shape the way the website matures.  You shouldn't hesitate to post in this forum, even if you have no particular desire to see a currently discussed feature be implemented.

As a developer it's impossible to get a feel for the popularity for an idea if you only have two people arguing for and against the implementation of a certain feature.  Does that mean it's an even 50% split with the 5,000+ active users?  Undoubtedly not, but it's impossible to gather your thoughts on the matter without your input.

That said, there are a few key requirements for using this forum...

Do use this forum if:
  1. You want to help RPoL in its continued development.
  2. Are not afraid of change.
  3. Understand that not every idea can be implemented.
  4. Are big enough to recognise when someone's idea is better than yours, and support their idea in an unbiased fashion.

It would probably be best if you refrain from using this forum if:
  1. You are adverse to change.
  2. Are sentimental about the way things are.
  3. Think it should stay that way because it's always been that way.
  4. Sulk if your ideas aren't implemented.
  5. Will stubbornly argue every point even when reasons why it can't or won't be done are given.

Voting for/against suggestions:
  • Positive votes:  Vote for something if you think it's a good idea.  That's simple.  Your vote only counts once, so though I appreciate those with such enthusiasm for an idea that they have to give it one million votes...
    Example:  Anything.  Wow, that is a poor example.

  • Neutral votes:  Don't cast a negative vote if you wouldn't use the proposed functionality or don't see a point to it.  You might not use a suggested feature but many other users would.  This forum is not about what you would like to see implemented.  Neutral votes are as important as a positive or negative vote, so even if you feel you're not contributing much with a post of "I'm indifferent", take it from me -- you are.
    Examples:  Adding a new theme that has yellow text on a pink background.  Changing a current hard setting so that it's an option (more on options below).

  • Negative votes:  Vote against something if you think it would adversely affect you or the site.  Only consider whether you'd like it (or if you believe it'd be a detriment to the site as a whole, even if somehow you wouldn't be affected); the effort required to implement a feature is my concern, not yours (though I do appreciate the sentiment).
    Examples:  Making yellow on pink the only theme available.  Removing something that's currently available.  Popup advertising.

A note on options:  We cannot have options for everything, and they're harder to implement than just you deciding it should be one.  Though making a controversial change an option instead is a great idea, we can only implement a limited number of options before it starts to get either overwhelming for the user or for the coder(s) to maintain.  Please consider this before piping up with "why not just make it an option?".

Above all, keep your eye on the prize.  No, that's not you, it's the average user of RPoL who possibly can't do HTML, doesn't have their own web site, doesn't know how to upload, doesn't have a 24" screen, and doesn't have a fast Internet connection.  We can suggest features until the cows come home, but if it's going to confuse 90% of the user base or require knowledge/equipment they don't possess then it won't get implemented.

Thanks, and I look forward to your invaluable input.

Currently developers:

Technical lead:
  • jase

Perl programmer:
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PHP programmer:
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Database (mySQL) design:
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Web Design:
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  • cruinne (themes)
  • jase

And two seconds silence for the moderators who make this all possible by running RPoL day by day, 'cos I know I don't!

Development blog (and possibly other random garbage) is sporadically updated here.
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