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10:35, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Dice Roller Request: Ironsworn.

Posted by daniel_t
member, 128 posts
Fri 5 Apr 2024
at 02:37
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Dice Roller Request: Ironsworn

It would be nice to get custom Ironsworn dice now that there are three games using it (Ironsworn, Starforged, and Sundered Isles.)

Roll two 1d10 as "challenge dice" (they aren't added together) and 1d6+adds as an "action die".
  • If the action die (with adds) is greater than both challenge dice, it's a "hit"
  • if the action die (with adds) is greater than one challenge die, it's a "weak hit"
  • otherwise it's a "miss"

Additionally, if the two d10s come up the same value, it's a "match"
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