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23:24, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Question regarding Android phone posting...

Posted by Jhaelin
member, 56 posts
Fri 12 Apr 2024
at 22:02
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Question regarding Android phone posting...

I have a Samsung A51.  I check and post pretty regularly with it.  I have noticed that since the "new" site thing has kicked in, I have problems with posting, especially lengthy posts.

The message, or editing area of the screen, will lock up and not scroll up or down. This happens most predominantly when I hit "preview", check the post for errors and try to change things.  I must then "select all" and "copy" to preserve my post, then "Back" up a screen before it will begin scrolling again.  Sometimes, even that does not work and I must "leave" the editor and restart the post again and paste the info back in there.  Sometimes, just dropping the interactive keyboard will allow me to scroll again.

It's incredibly frustrating.  Is this a known issue?  Is there something I can do, or I am missing, that will remedy this?

Any advice appreciated (except to buy an Iphone).
member, 26 posts
Fri 12 Apr 2024
at 22:07
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Question regarding Android phone posting...

Also an Andriod user and I have the same problem. I usually just type up my posts in Google Docs then copy and paste into RPoL. The issue has been brought up before but I don't know of there is a potential solution. Like you I usually end up hitting Preview a couple of times and closing the keyboard before I can get it to scroll. I have found it isn't a huge problem if I post and then edit the post, not sure why it makes a difference.
subscriber, 816 posts
Fri 12 Apr 2024
at 22:23
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Question regarding Android phone posting...

This is a known issue.  It has to do with the mobile browser and how mobile browsers interact with websites rather than a specific site issue, or at least I believe that was the conclusion when it was first raised as an issue.

I've found that what helps is tapping outside the message entry field.  This will switch the focus outside of the text entry field (and should cause the keyboard to close).

You should then be able to scroll the whole page like any other site, or just the text entry field if you swipe up/down within it.  This will let you more easily navigate to a specific bit of the post where you should be able to tap to re-enter text entry/typing mode with the cursor near where you tapped.

Another option is seeing if your chosen phone keyboard has navigation options.  Gboard, for example, has an option where you can bring up a set of arrows that allow for easy movement of the cursor up/down and left/right which will scroll the text entry window to keep the cursor visible.  I find that very helpful when doing revisions to long posts.

As mentioned the other option is to compose your post in a dedicated word processing app and then copy and paste.
member, 57 posts
Fri 12 Apr 2024
at 23:27
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Question regarding Android phone posting...

Thank you for your prompt response and advice.
member, 8 posts
Mon 22 Apr 2024
at 23:40
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Question regarding Android phone posting...

What works for me is a long press in the middle of the text to get the highlight cursor, meant for highlighting text and then dragging that around to navigate in the text box.
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