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00:56, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Option: Table View for Game/Message Lists.

Posted by LonePaladin
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Creator of HeroForge
Wed 29 May 2024
at 13:28
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Option: Table View for Game/Message Lists

I appreciate that the site has made an effort to work better on mobile devices. Heck, I'm writing this post on my tablet. But when I'm looking at it on my PC, the mobile-friendly format just compresses the information and makes it harder to sort. For instance, when I'm looking at the list of threads in my game, on one side I have the list of thread names; on the other, I have everything else jammed together -- group, original poster, last post date, etc. all in one block of tiny text. The same goes for my private messages, all the extra information is in one hard-to-read block.

Basically, when I'm on my PC I miss the old format. I'd like to see an option -- like a check-box on the bottom corner -- to change the message list format back to a tabular layout.
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Sydney, Australia
Thu 30 May 2024
at 00:35
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Option: Table View for Game/Message Lists

I don't remember exactly what the old format looked like, but I can sympathize with the preferred layout and usage on desktop/laptop usage; I almost exclusively post from those devices.  That said, the default style of the new layout leaves a lot to be desired from my perspective -- there's entirely too much wasted real estate.

BUT... the good news is this is user-fixable.  If you head to your Account Preferences, you can create/edit a custom theme.

There's a lot of options here, but the one you care about is this one:
  • maximum page width (1,000 to 2,000):

(Make sure you save the style after changing the value)

Set that value to 2,000, and it will widen the screen for you -- this has a flow-on effect of widening those columns, which means less blockiness.  As a bonus, since it only affects the maximum page width, it won't screw up your styling when you do view the site on a smaller screen.
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