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00:23, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Responsive text box width on mobile.

Posted by michaerical
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Wed 12 Jun 2024
at 15:12
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Responsive text box width on mobile

I access the site primarily via mobile (iOS), and for the most part, the responsive layout is great for this.

However, the text input box (for any type of post) takes width 100%. By default, the text has a pretty small font size, so I need to Zoom in to see properly. But, the text box is not responsive, and the right-hand side of the text is cut off. This requires horizontal scrolling within the text box which is just a UX nightmare. As a result I tend to draft messages in a separate notes app, but it's annoying to get the formatting tags inserted...

I can't seem to get images to work but here are screenshots:

Is there any way already to resize the text input, or a possibility of adding responsive text boxes to the site? I think this would increase usability on mobile a lot.

Thanks for all you do! The site works great and is irreplaceable.
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Wed 12 Jun 2024
at 15:25
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Responsive text box width on mobile

As a work around if you are using a browser that can enlarge text (such as the zoom feature in the accessibility area in Chrome) the compose box should maintain it's 100% width while the font size of all text, including the text in the composition box, increases.

I've tested it on chrome for Android, I'd be surprised if that wasn't also a feature somewhere in Safari or whichever iOS browser you're using.
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Wed 12 Jun 2024
at 15:32
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Responsive text box width on mobile

Interesting. That does seem to work, though it’s not a great experience since the rest of the text on the page becomes very large.

That said, I tried the same action on other sites with text input boxes and saw similar behavior. The solution seems to be increasing font size in text inputs. Personally I think it would make sense to increase the font size in text inputs on mobile unilaterally, ideally through the custom theme…but I understand that’s a big change.

A guy can dream…

Thanks for the suggestion
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