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Tue 19 Feb 2013
at 04:32
Preview/View as Player/Other
Just a brainwave, it would be great if you could view/preview a post as if you were logged in under a different, non-GM account for purposes of private line/language tags.

I'm sometimes unsure if I've screwed up the private line code by including other tags or special characters. It would be great if I could preview that sort of thing before posting to make sure it's not visible to other players before leaving my proverbial fly undone in a public thread.
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Thu 21 Feb 2013
at 07:37
Re: Preview/View as Player/Other
Just saw this thread after posting the same thing in another thread.

Would it be possible for the GM to have some way to see what his posts look like to the players? Maybe next to the preview tab? To take into account the fact that different players might actually see different things, you might have a drop box to allow the GM to preview as...

Or maybe it would simply be easier to give the GM the Lurkers-eye view.

Just a thought.

Clearly great minds think alike!

Anyway, a plus one from me for this idea.