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Mon 25 Feb 2013
at 01:43
Force Thread to End of List Option
This would be kind of like the reverse of the Notice function: Instead of sticking the thread at the beginning of the threads it would stick it at the end.

I have a couple of games where GM info on characters and plots and such are kept in threads so I can access them easily, but if they're tagged as Notices then they crowd my game's home page and I sometimes forget to check the second page for game threads waiting for my attention.  If I don't tag them as Notices, then I risk losing track of them in the midst of all the other threads.

Something like "End", "Hold", "Reserve" or something would be a nice way of organizing these at the end of all of the other threads so they are out of the way without getting lost.  Within that category they could sort by date just like the Notice threads.