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Tue 27 Sep 2016
at 18:45
Map Feature
In most games, maps come in handy. I've seen some GMs incorporate understandable maps. Others seem to have trouble. What would it take to have a library of map tools available on RPOL?
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Tue 27 Sep 2016
at 18:54
Map Feature
I would like to have a featurte on the map section, that all the slots  could be viewed by all the players.
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Tue 27 Sep 2016
at 19:30
Map Feature
A built in map tool would not really be feasible.  A search of Community Chat, or the Heaven forum, will reveal that there a great many sites and programs that can already perform this function far better than RPoL can reasonably hope to (without tying up a lot of site resources).
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Tue 27 Sep 2016
at 20:37
Map Feature
My friends and I went from a long time slump of hardly ever doing anything at all, to a big comeback of RPOL gaming once we discovered some offsite map site stuff, yeah.

Which in hindsight, seems kinda odd.  "We found another website! *Thousands of RPOL posts ensue*

The RPOL Map bit (the times I'm in games where the GMs even know that's a thing), it's quite useful for static references though.  Battle map no, World map yes, kinda stuff.
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Wed 28 Sep 2016
at 02:41
Map Feature
I just wish I could change the name of each map on the drop-down list. I'm okay with maps being tied to groups -- I can designate a group for everything going on in one area, then put that area's map on the group. I just want to be able to specify what the map IS.
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Wed 28 Sep 2016
at 11:12
Map Feature
Already on the suggestion list (I was keen on the idea too), but didn't garner a lot of support at the time - see link to a message in this forum  :>