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Wed 12 Oct 2016
at 23:30
Feature idea: applaud a post
It would be nice if you could click on someone's post to "applaud" their post.

Yes, there's a common term for this from a giant social entity that shall not be named, but you get the idea.  And that I'm old.

Yes, you can LOL all you want in OOC but sometimes you want to just give someone the slow clap for their smooth prose and elegant wit.

Here's the implementation idea.  Currently when someone owns a post, they see the following header on their post:

Ch 1 - Looking for work             [quote] | [reply] | [edit] | [delete] | msg #245

Other players see the following header for the same post:

Ch 1 - Looking for work                                  [quote] | [reply] | msg #245

The proposed headlines with applause would be:

Ch 1 - Looking for work             [quote] | [reply] | [edit] | [delete] | 0$ | msg #245

Ch 1 - Looking for work                            [quote] | [reply] | [applaud] | msg #245

The "$" represents an icon or somesuch for the applause.  If someone clicks [applaud] for the post, the $ value increases.

The sticky part is recording whether someone's already applauded the post.  This would need to be tracked for accuracy and prevent villainy.  The post would need to keep track of which usernames already applauded and ignore multiple attempts.  Don't bother trying to dim or remove the [applaud] after they've selected it once.  Not worth it.

It might be nice if a Lurker could applaud your post but not necessary.

And no, I don't think it's a good idea to allow the inverse of applause.  That's just mean.

Example post for applause:

Cal looked down at his used crossbow and the dozen bolts he'd picked out for it.  He tried to suppress a budding inferiority complex.  Maybe if they came across an old bedazzler, he could spruce it up.  Make a statement.

He thought about it a little longer and came to the conclusion that it probably wouldn't be the statement he was looking to make.
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Wed 12 Oct 2016
at 23:54
Feature idea: applaud a post
neat. Not sure I want to +1 it. I can see at least two trains of thought on the subject, and I am just enough on the fence to not have either.
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Thu 13 Oct 2016
at 00:27
Feature idea: applaud a post
Honestly, it's a pretty terrible idea.

Don't add generic internet forums drama attention seeker buttons to roleplaying posts.  It can already get bad enough as it is when people implement "Vote for who gets bonus experience" systems in their games (Though most of my experience with that has been outside RPOL).

But if you can't let a post stand on it's own merits without seeing how many people you can get to push the "praise me" button, you've lost sight of roleplaying except for the attention.

Even without the problem of it becoming a lazy stand in for "How good was this post?" to just look at the likes meter, rather than actually think about how good it was.

As well as just pushing a button to claim you agree being nowhere near as meaningful as actually saying so.  Did you really think it was a great idea or roleplay post? Why don't you say so-oh wait you just pushed a button and forgot about it, so it's just as good as all the other posts people pushed a button on? Welp.

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Thu 13 Oct 2016
at 03:39
Feature idea: applaud a post
I get it, and there is in fact a whole bunch of theory behind whether one does or does not implement some sort of low key vote system in any sort of social web community.  Allowing top contributors to be recognized by the community, intangible rewards, etc, etc.

That said, I think RPoL is good as is, and the negative elements that can come along with that sort of system in terms of user behavior reinforcement and shaping of culture wouldn't really integrate smoothly I don't think.

So -1.
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Thu 13 Oct 2016
at 04:04
Feature idea: applaud a post
I understand the reasoning behind the idea, but I have to agree with what nauthiz said. Being able to "applaud" a post through the usage of a button reinforces attention-seeking behavior. That just wouldn't fit with RPoL, in my opinion.

-1 from me.
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Thu 13 Oct 2016
at 10:33
Feature idea: applaud a post
Myself, I'd rather leave in the human connection.

If you want to praise someone's post, then praise it.  Don't hide behind an anonymous 'like' button.

Put "Hey, I loved your post" and a little bit of detail of why in a PM or in the game's OOC.

Trust me, it will mean something if you do that, and it will be remembered.  You will make someone's day.

Getting likes ... quickly means nothing or far too much, in that there will be people who feel like crap if their post doesn't get 10/20/40 likes within 5 minutes.
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Thu 13 Oct 2016
at 12:46
Feature idea: applaud a post
-1 for me.  Where's the "unlike" button when you need it?  :p

If a player likes a post they can always send a PM to the poster and maybe give some meaningful feedback ("I liked it because of the way you juxtaposed the two issues to accentuate the underlying moral dilemma.  It worked really well.")

Lurkers can send the GM a PM, and ask him if he could pass on their comments to the player in question.

In either case, a little bit of actual feedback is far better than a simple +1 like.
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Thu 13 Oct 2016
at 13:46
Feature idea: applaud a post
And another mod with a -1.  ;>

No context, lazy communication, potential to cause division ("I'm really angry not one of you liked that post, I put a lot of effort into it"/"that's 54 Likes for the elven bard, and none at all for the half-orc assassin").

I don't like facebook etc etc either.  :>
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Fri 14 Oct 2016
at 02:25
Feature idea: applaud a post
I can see why something like this makes sense for something like Facebook, where you might have hundreds of people reading a post and you don't want all of them Commenting, "Neat!"  But most of the forums here - eg, the games - have, like, a handful of people, so even if they all like a post enough that they all want to call it out and say "That was awesome," it's not really a problem for them all to do that.  All of them.  All.  I might not have emphasized that enough.  All.  Or I might be going overboard now.  That's totally possible.

Anyway.  -1 for me, too.  I'm not a mod, but I am modest!

...Well.  Sometimes.

Actually... that brings up another point.  I am... at other times... not so humble, and sometimes feel like if there were an Applause button, everyone would naturally be clicking on it because my posts are so funny.*

The implementation of an actual Applause button could utterly destroy my self esteem.

*- Just so we're clear, this is not one of those times.  This post is cute, but not, like, hilarious.  Some of my posts are quite brilliant.
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Mon 17 Oct 2016
at 01:04
Feature idea: applaud a post
I agree with all of those who are opposed to this idea, for the various and sundry reasons they oppose it.

And to show the depth and sincerity of my belief, I will not applaud.
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Tue 18 Oct 2016
at 12:15
Feature idea: applaud a post

We already have a system of complimenting people for their posts: PMs.
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Tue 25 Oct 2016
at 23:30
Feature idea: applaud a post
a strong  -1

if you like someone's post - it's much more meaningful to write them and say good job.
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Wed 23 Nov 2016
at 01:20
Feature idea: applaud a post
+1 cause I am a rebel.
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Wed 23 Nov 2016
at 01:30
Re: Feature idea: applaud a post
+1 cause I am a rebel.

+1 for irony, but not because I agree with anything in particular.