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Sat 10 Dec 2016
at 23:48
Mark as Unread
One thing that would make my gaming a lot easier is a Mark As Unread feature in my games. I run a number of games and play in many more, and I know Iím not alone in having limited time.

Quite often, Iíll spend a few minutes checking to see what the latest posts are, but I may not have time just then to compose suitable replies.

A few hours later, Iíve forgotten which posts I needed to reply to, and I have to spend even more time checking through all of them again to see which ones need a reply. Sometimes I forget altogether that someone is waiting for a reply, and it creates unnecessary delays to the game.

All of this could be resolved with a Mark As Unread feature. I could then take a peek when I have a minute, Mark as Unread, and go back to the posts later to reply.

And, er, I know of several players in my games who could also do with the feature...
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Sat 10 Dec 2016
at 23:59
Mark as Unread
As suggestions go, this one has a pretty solid history of popping up... I think roughly every time the last time moves to Page 2, or so. grin

Jase has said it's on his To Do list.  Probably right after "Pick up milk, cookies."


It would be awesome if RPoL could pick up milk and cookies for us.

Is there any way---  no?
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Sun 11 Dec 2016
at 08:56
Mark as Unread
Thanks Utsukushi. If it's on the To Do list, that's great, it'll be a godsend when it arrives. :)

I checked before posting, and I couldn't see anything about marking as unread on the first five pages, which takes us back over two years...
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Wed 28 Dec 2016
at 20:27
Mark as Unread
One thought you might use in the interim is taking advantage of the scratch pad.  Every game has one, so you could just keep a log of which threads and post numbers you want to use there. It's one of the more criminally-underused features on the site,
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Wed 28 Dec 2016
at 22:13
Mark as Unread
A "MARK AS UNREAD" feature would be useful.  +1