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Wed 4 Jan 2017
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Dice Roller: Shadowrun 4th- and 5th-Editions
It might be worth adding a new entry for 5th-edition Shadowrun, because of a small (but important) difference in the way they handle Glitches. (A Glitch occurs if too many dice turn up 1s.)

In 4th edition, you get a glitch if at least half the dice turn up 1s. If rolling 12 dice, you glitch with 6+ 1s. With 13 dice, it's also 6+.

In 5th edition, though, you need more than half of the dice at 1 to glitch. In other words, with 12 dice you need 7+ 1s.

It's a minor change, but that one die can make a big difference, especially if you're only rolling a few dice.