Samus Aran
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Sat 17 Jun 2017
at 00:31
New portrait categories: Environmental
I recall that the portrait classification stuff is meant to undergo changes at some point (and I'm available to help anytime!), but I thought it might be cool to have an environmental one. You know, landscapes, planets from space, raging fires, etc. Would add a bit of flair to posting certain scenes taking place in a burning building, or in a wilderness-based game, or anything, really.
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Sat 17 Jun 2017
at 03:06
New portrait categories: Environmental
That's a neat idea. The GM could change their portrait to reflect whatever's going on in the scene.

There could be a sub-category for "things", anything that isn't a person or even unidentifiable body parts. One of my own games could really use a portrait with a disembodied mouth for a certain NPC. Best I could do was a vague pair of eyes.