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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 16:08
Width of responsive site
Forum-view of the responsive site:
Forum-view of the current/older site:

Post-view of the responsive site:
Post-view of the current/older site:

There's a lot of wasted space on my monitor on the sides, and I'd really love it if I could use all of my monitor width somehow.

Also, it's nice to get the post links on the side of the responsive site instead of having to hit a tiny link on the bottom of the screen on my phone, but once I scroll past that section I again have a lot of wasted space on the right and my phone isn't wide enough to have that link section remain on screen forever.  I'd prefer it if the screen wrapped around the link section like this:

Edit: Yeah, I love the ... I think it's the Saint Patrick's Day look.

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 18:14
Width of responsive site
The new look is a huge improvement for posting from a phone - but I absolutely agree with the wasted space on a wide monitory... But I think I probably already made that fairly clear in the other thread about the new look. :-)