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Thu 14 Mar 2019
at 13:56
Renaming a Die Roller Game System
A while back, the Die Roller got expanded to accommodate the "Edge of the Empire" Star Wars RPG. I helped troubleshoot it. Since then, the game has expanded into multiple titles (Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny, and the soon-to-be-released Rise of the Separatists), and they've made a whatever-you-want system called Genesys that uses the same mechanics.

In light of this, the entry in the Game System list (and the Die Roller) should be changed. The Game System list has all three Star Wars games as separate entries, even though many GMs combine them, so perhaps an all-in-one name would be better. Maybe something like "Star Wars (FFG)". This would cover the new set coming out, too.

Genesys is already on the list.

The name in the Die Roller should probably be the same, or something like "Star Wars FFG/Genesys".