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Thu 15 Oct 2020
at 15:09
Request: Private Messages
So I've noticed the new site is pretty awesome. I do have 1 complaint though.

I have noticed that the new site does not have the same PMs as the old one does. You used to be able to see who the PMs were from, but now you can't.

As a GM I find this frustrating, as I need to look through all my PMs to find out who they are to.

Is there any way to fix this? So it shows the original player I sent the PM to?
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Sat 17 Oct 2020
at 22:08
Request: Private Messages
I haven't noticed it yet (still using the old site) but I second it... Sometimes using PMs as private threads for some characters and the old design let me see who is in what thread... Which is completely missing from the new site. If it could be even configurable or come up on mouse over would be good too. (I am using PC so I would prefer configurable as I have a lot of place on my screen and would be easier for me)
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Sun 18 Oct 2020
at 13:48
Request: Private Messages
Exactly my thoughts.
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Mon 19 Oct 2020
at 10:47
Request: Private Messages
Hah !  Never noticed ... responsive shows the author but not the recipient(s) - the PMs might be under the "To <GM Name>" section, but that includes PM's sent by the GM as well and there's no way to see who it was sent to (or at least not that I can find) unless you open the thread and read the message.

Suggestion to change it to show the recipients (whether in the summary or in a separate column as the old site does) is worth a +1 from me.  :>
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Mon 19 Oct 2020
at 11:07
Request: Private Messages
*whimper* and with the number of players that I have keep sending me privates, that is an extra large and bold +1 from me as well.