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Sat 2 Jan 2021
at 01:13
SLA Industries 2nd edition - Dice Roller
Hey there,

The second edition of SLA Industries has a new dice rolling mechanism. Not sure if its something common elsewhere. It's quite complex, not sure if it can be implemented somehow. All dice are d10.

There is a single success dice and a number of skill dice (max 5) based on a players skill and stat combined.

There are several target numbers to aim for based on the difficulty of the task
Simple: 4
Challenging: 7
Complex: 10
Strenuous: 13
Insane: 16

In this small example, the operative has a Complex task to perform. He/she has a combined skill/stat rating of 5.

He/she rolls the success dice and scores a 6, adds the combined skill/stat rating of 5 to achieve a total result of 11. This means the test is a success. If it had been less than 10, the test would be a fail.
He/she also rolls one skill dice for each point in the skill she he/she has plus an additional 1. In this example, the character has a skill of 2, so an additional 3 skill dice are rolled.

They come up as:
4+5 (fail)
6+5 (pass)
7+5 (pass)

Number of Dice Equal/Exceed Target Number
Success DieSuccess
+1 Skill DieExcellent Success
+2 Skill DiceExceptional Success
+3 Skill DiceIncredible Success
+4 or more SkillDice Unbelievable Success

This means that the character has had an exceptional success.

There are additional modifiers which may be placed upon each dice (negative or positive).

It's a complex beast, and no games are currently on rpol that utilise it currently.