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Wed 23 Jun 2021
at 23:32
Dice Roller - Shadowrun 6e
I'd like to make a request for a Shadowrun 6e variant of the Dice Roller. There appear to be a few alterations from the Shadowrun 4e version:

1. Allow the option to re-roll maximums. Not every roll allows for maximums to be re-rolled but there are certain rolls (Exploding 6's) where maximums get rerolled and any new hits get added to the total of hits. In these cases maximums will continue to get rerolled until there are no maximums in the roll.

2. Present an option to allow for a "Wild Die". This wild die should be indicated in a separate color in the UI when viewing the results. A successful hit with a wild die counts as 3 hits towards the total hits, but if the wild die is a 1 the target number for the other die becomes a 6 rather than a 5 (5's fail)

3. If both options are selected (Exploding 6's and Wild Die) then the wild die only acts as a wild die on the first roll. If it rolls a maximum then it is rerolled as a normal die.

4. The Shadowrun 4e version counts a glitch when 50% or more of the dice rolled are 1's. In Shadowrun 6e a glitch occurs when more than half, 51% or more of the dice rolled are 1's. So 3 out of 6 dice would not cause a glitch.


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