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Character Creation and House Rules
Character Creation Rules

First and most important: This is a 1 post per day game (with slack given for the weekends and holidays.)  If you are not capable of checking in and posting this often, do not bother to join.

If you are going to be away, let me know.  I'll NPC your character until you get back.  If you do not log-in for 2 weeks (and have not given me prior warning), you will be deleted from the game and replaced.

This will be a 3.5ed game.  I'll be translating the material from 3.0 to 3.5

Sources: Character material may be drawn from: PHB, DMG, FRCS, Players Guide to Faerun, Races of the Wild, Complete Arcane, Complete Divine, and Spell Compendium.  However, I still reserve the right to deny any given request.  I try not to, but I reserve the right.

Things not allowed: I find these things to be too powerful/disruptive: Spiked Chains, Druids with Wolf companions.

These are the only books I currently have access to.  As I gather more, I'll open up the list (in case of new characters, replacements, etc.)

While you may draw characters and background info from FRCS, the game will not be set there, so do not select a bonus regional feats or equipment!  However, regional feats may be chosen in place of normal feats provided you fulfill the other requirements.

Background: MAXIMUM of one paragraph.  Just give me a little flavor.

Abilities: Characters should be created using the standard 27-point buy

Hit Points: Maximum Hitpoints for the first two levels, then roll on the dice roller.  Roll twice and take the best of the two rolls.  And yes if you roll 1 twice, it's very very sad, but them's the breaks.

Alignment: Non-evil only.

Level:: Unless otherwise specified, new characters begin at 3nd level

Races:: Nothing with an ECL greater than +1.  But if it's something really weird, let me know just in case.

Money: Nominal Starting Gold for 3rd level: 2700gp
Maximum cost of any item: 1350gp

Please ask if you have any questions and I'll try to update this accordingly

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House Rules
1)  Water:  Your first flask or waterskin has no weight (at least for the water part).  Please adjust your encumbrance accordingly.

2) Combat information:  If you are not going to use your two bio lines for any other purpose, please use them to display your: Race, Class, AC, Total H.P, Current H.P.   If you are going to use it for something else, make sure this information is included in the OOC portion of your combat posts.

3) Diplomacy:  I've never been a big fan of the diplomacy skill as it's officially written, and I've now seen the light.  Rich Burlew of "Order of the Stick" has an alternative way of looking at it.  I'm going to be adopting it for all my games.  Take a look at it.

And while you're at it, read the comic!

4) Recovering Arrows/Bolts:  Arrows and crossbow bolts mostly can be recovered after use.  Make a Bowmaking craft skill check with a DC of 13 (straight 1d20 if you don't have that skill).  1-12 mean the arrow/bolt was broken, 13-20 means you can recover and reuse.  You can also pick them up from your enemies.  If they're "poor quality" then you get a -2 on the re-use check. And you do need to match-up longbow arrow to longbow, etc.

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Rules explanations
Take 10 and Take 20

In case there is any confusion on these two rules, here are some brief notes on my take on them:

You can always take 10 unless you're under stress (in combat, running for your life, boulder rolling down towards you, etc).  Take 10 represents you using your skills in an average situation, neither rushing nor dawdling.  It's especially helpful when tackling routine task that you know your skill modifier can handle.  Jumping over a 5' crack in the ground.  Normally this is a DC 5 task.  But it's really embarrassing when you roll a 1.  So just take 10 and hop across it.  If it's a 15' crack, that's a DC 15.  If you have a plus 5 on your jump skill, then just take 10 and go.  If you don't, well now you have to deal with uncertainty.

Taking 20 on the other hand can be done whenever you can Take 10, unless a failure results in "negative effects".  It's the equivalent of rolling 1, then 2, then 3, etc. until you get a success, or you reach 20.  You can't take 20 in combat since one, it's in combat (stressful situation), and two, because you first roll a 1 and therefore miss.

The search skill is one of those good news/bad news situations.  If you're searching a room, then it takes 2 minutes/5 square feet.  This could take a long time, but you're pretty much guaranteed to find anything there (unless it's REALLY well hidden with a DC > 20).  However, if there's a trap in the room, you're also pretty much guaranteed to set it off (although it does depend on the type of trap).