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Sun 11 Apr 2010
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Ryloth - The Escape
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Sun 11 Apr 2010
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Re: Ryloth - The Escape
Kala rested herself in the speeder, the pain of the fight still rushing through her body. She knew that she would have to tell Xandar and Narik the truth, the others perhaps as well. If they had some people who would be willing to turn her in, then she would have to once again wander the universe, trying to find her place in a galaxy that hated her kind.
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Sun 11 Apr 2010
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Re: Ryloth - The Escape
Inside the speeder Narik loaded Sinya’s datadisk into his datapad and plotted their course. Urgency speeded his actions, Narik doubted the Inquisitor if they had defeated the Bothan Jedi would have lost any time in beginning their search for the escapee Jedi. Narik knew only an inkling of the powers of the Force but he guessed enough that a speeder full of Jedi would be easy targets.

When the soldier saw on his datapad that they had reached their destination he called the landspeeder to a halt “this is it. Everybody out. We do the rest on foot then we fly” leaving the speeder behind Narik carried his stolen stormtrooper armour. He wasn’t sure if he’d need it but was reluctant to abandon it.