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Your RTJ should contain the following, in the order presented:

Legality to View Adult Content Statement

"I *Insert RPOL name* hereby state that I am allowed to view adult material in my location, being *Insert age*. I have read the Adult Content Policies of RPOL and will abide by them."

The game hasn't been Adult in a long time. I like to have the age statements anyway.

Character Concept

Character Concept

Background, 4 paragraph minimum, some history and why your character is in the Atlanta area. A little web research at this point will be necessary for those interested, but it will certainly prove to me your level of interest in the game.

In addition to the background, please answer the 'Final Questions' presented at the end of the character creation sections in the various books. These can be found on the following pages: Vampire: The Requiem(Page 96). You may also use the questions below, copied from the Blood & Smoke book.

Now is the time for a younger and less powerful generation to move in and establish themselves.


Submit this in the initial RTJ. I will not accept character sheets at this stage. Please be willing to discuss character options as I can only allow Bloodlines, etc from books which I own or can access.

Roleplay Interview

At this point, in your RTJ private thread, you will have an interview roleplay with an NPC to determine whether your roleplay style and mine are compatible. If you pass the interview, then you may create your character sheet and you're in the game. You will then be given access to Group 1 which contains the character creation information.

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Climbing the Ladder

In addition to any background you submit for your character, you have the opportunity to help create NPC's and story elements that will help shape your story and the setting itself. You can do this by submitting some or all of the following steps along with your character idea.

You donít have to complete all 10 steps. If some of the steps just arenít working for you, itís taking too long, or whatever reason you feel the need, you can finish character creation without completing all the steps. Just keep in mind this will leave you a bit under the curve as far as both Experiences and narrative hooks go compared to players who went through all ten steps.

1.) Confront Vulnerability
In this step, you examine a point in your life when you were at your most vulnerable ó or, alternately, when you had the most to lose. This moment in your background lets you know when you attracted or were attracted to the supernatural. While this may not have been your first real brush with the unknown, it is a turning point where you were open to and became an ideal target for the machinations of the God Machine. It may be a moment of incredible weakness, or a moment of unbelievable hubris.

2.) Believe Someone Has Answers
Sign up, tune in, join up. At this point in your life you have questions and no answers. This step is all about exploring who you went to and where you looked. This step can also examine who, at first, your character turned to for help when shit went sideways. During this step, the character is dizzy with questions she has no answers for. Someone has to have them if she doesnít. This step covers the desperate reason a character hooks up with people or groups on the off chance that maybe they can help with the chaos and the fear. Most importantly, this step covers
how they probably canít.

3.) Meet Your Maker
The veilís been pulled back and the your eyes have been thrown open. This is the moment youíve crossed the precipice and have seen the world for what it is. This step may cover the literal transformation into your template (or gaining any supernatural merits if you're a mortal), or it may cover the moment someone exposed you in a way you couldnít deny any longer.

4.) Find Fear
Thereís something dark inside you. Whoever you want to blame on it, any mortal or creature that has awakened to the darkness of the world can't deny his inner darkness. Possibly something dangerous, something that wants blood or dreams of murder. Possibly something dark that drives him to prevent these same thing from happening. This step explores your characterís relationship with whatís terrible inside of her. This step also asks the player to create a thing their character is truly afraid of, something in themselves.

5.) Leave a Witness
Sooner or later, youíre going to let it slip. This step examines the one time you let too much of your nature or occupation out in the open, and someone else saw. You couldnít or didnít cover it up, just this one time, and this step explores the fallout from that. How can you control the secret once itís out, and more importantly, do you even try to?

6.) Suffer Your Defects
It may not have been the first time that you were confronted with the limitations of your supernatural/mortal condition, but this step explores the time it cut the deepest. In this step, we look at the moment you really saw your template's fraility for what it was, and how you decided to cope with it, if you could at all.

7.) Beg Someone, Anyone, to Fix You
Youíve looked inside, or been a victim of your own weakness. Youíve made terrible choices, and now you know you need help. This step explores your characterís quest for answers from other monsters, or at least those who appear to be in the know. In the best cases, you run into a mentor or sponsor who helps you find your place in the darkness of the city. At worst, you end up with a new master and even fewer answers.

8.) Embrace a Wrong
Somehow, sooner or later, youíre not just going to have to just accept what you are, but accept what youíve done. Thereís something, or multiple things, that youíve now done in your life that you would have once considered wrong and now donít cause you any grief. This step explores acceptance at its very worst.

9.) Find Like Minds
In this step, weíre examining the choices, or lack of choices, that led you to join an occult/supernatural organization. Or the events that left you outside of one. At this point in your background, youíve more or less accepted youíre a part of the World of Darkness and are now deciding what part you play in the world of the supernatural.

10.) Seize the Night
Once youíve found your place, accepted your condition (more or less), and have something akin to control, things change. This happens faster for some than others, but ultimately, youíll start looking for power, control, or authority. This step explores the grab for power every denzien of the world of darkness must occasionally make. It may not be obvious to the world at large how you make that grab. It may be subtle, like the way you covet hidden knowledge. It may be some attempt to be the most perfect form of whatever kind of creature youíve become. Or your grab for power may be the way you control the movements of your those closest to you. Not everyone wants to be the President.

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