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Tue 20 May 2014
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A Little History Lesson
By 1972, Valerie Parker had been prince of Atlanta for just under a century, weathering Reconstruction, two World Wars and the Civil Rights Movement, guiding the city's human and Kindred residents through many difficulties. In many ways, her Court was a reflection of the Antebellum South, the Invictus and Lancea et Sanctum dominating. Things were not entirely smooth, but there was no reason to suspect that a change in leadership would be coming. When she failed to show up to Court one evening, there was surprise, even some shock considering she had never missed an event in the memory of even the oldest of the city's Kindred. The Troubles began when the realization hit home that Prince Parker was well and truly missing.

Eight years of turmoil followed. Factions from within the city waged a silent war and then interested parties from around the region began to interfere as well. In 1974, there were fourteen princes. Many of these troublemakers would continue to be problematic for the next twenty years as murder rates increased and criminal activity proved to be an excellent method of hiding Kindred activity to maintain the masquerade. In the late 70s, local forces finally began to get a handle on the situation. In early 1980, the external factions suddenly seemed to have better things to do.

Using her connections to unite the local Kindred, The Black Lily came to power. Through her leadership, the Kindred managed to eliminate the more violent and less cooperative groups in the city, though not all. Those who remain, however, have been tamed. Atlanta's Kindred rely on a council representing all clans and covenants in the current nights. On the eve of Black Lily's thirty-fifth anniversary, they gather to celebrate her success.