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Sun 14 Jun 2009
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RTJ and Character Creation
Karack has put a call out to a few friends he's met over the years of adventuring. He would like some help in retrieving certain pieces to complete an item he has part of.

In your char request, please add:
1) brief idea of where/how you may have encountered karack (if you have an idea, otherwise i can help you out)
2) a description of your character. physical, personality quirks, important and/or noticeable equipment, pets/familiars, etc.
3) brief background. notable accomplishments, etc.
4) you are out to deal with a goblin encampment, at least 5 and at most 100 goblins. why are you dealing with them, how do you go about it, who helps you if anyone, etc. other details of the situation/encounter are up to you. i'm just trying to get insight into your char.

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Wed 13 Jan 2016
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The game is casual and low optimization (perhaps even no optimization necessary).

Posting rate has been slow and sporadic at times, usually 1 or 2 per week at best.

To give an idea of the level of optimization, characters appearing in the game to date generally have had:
Most saves    : 20's and 30's
AC            : 30-50 depending on combat role
HP            : 230-500 depending on combat role
Dmg per round : 200ish 

Character Creation
Current Level : 30
Gold          : WBL 28
HP            : Max at 1st level. Roll the rest, but reroll 1's.
Base Stats    : Roll 4d6 drop lowest  or  17 15 15 15 14 11
No multiclass xp penalty
No epic spellcasting

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