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2 Mirtul DR1368 - 'On the Horse you rode in on'
And so it was that the expedition to the Chultan Peninsular was finally set to begin. Having retrieved the Professor’s mysterious ‘supplies’ and what felt like years waiting around for the Scilandar’s repairs to be completed, it seemed the group was ready to set off.

The true nature of the Professor’s objectives out in possibly the wildest, most inhospitable region of Faêrun were shrouded in mystery, yet the promise of glorious adventure and riches beyond belief was always enough to reassure any doubts. The unfriendly introduction of Ubdall Kareed seemed an ill omen and was evidence that the Professor was looking for more than just adventure – but surely once the dusty horizon of Calimport was far behind it would not be of any concern?


Once all passengers and supplies had boarded, the Professor gave them a brief tour of the Scilandar, his face beaming as he explained in detail the complex purposes of various machines, pulley systems and apparatus. The huge ship had three levels below its deck. The first held the galley and eating area, as well as a mobile laboratory and workshop which assumedly contained the Professor and his assistants’ sleeping quarters. The second level contained the general sleeping area and there was little room for luxury – hammocks between support poles and rigging and bedrolls on the wooden floor the extent of home comfort. There were at least personal chests on the starboard wall, enough for one per person, and flushable toilets and showers in the bathrooms. The engine room and storage hold made up the third level and was accessible by a number of trap doors, from which Ham and Jens sprung from or disappeared into at regular intervals.

The companions sat down to a dinner of pork wrapped in Baymus leaves and sage cooked by Ham while Jens saw to wounds suffered in the assassin battle. The Professor declined to join in but instead perched on a stool at one end of the dining hall, explaining the route they would take over the Shining Sea, not stopping until they were well in land and deep into the jungle.

After dinner, everyone made their way back up to the deck as final preparations were made for launch. Ham and Jens worked in a frenzy, checking over vital flight systems and engine motors. Steam began hissing from exhaust pipes as they conducted final tests to ensure optimal performance. The Professor stood at the helm, his small figure barely visible over the wheel as he bellowed commands randomly at the two ship hands.

Suddenly the groan of heavy steel grinding filled the air. A look up showed the ceiling of the Professor’s vast workshop beginning to slowly ease open, revealing the canopy of starlit sky beyond.

”Anchors away!” Hingleswip shouted, giggling as the Scilandar began to lift into the air. Within moments the ship had cleared the laboratory and begun its ascent into the night sky.

Calimport glowed white hot, its streets alive with shifting masses of people celebrating the festival. As midnight approached, so did the party’s climax and fireworks filled the air in explosions of colour. The crowds roared in delight as they saw the Scilandar rising into the air, assuming it was just another spectacle to be enjoyed.

Before long the city had become a sprawling labyrinth of light and colour below and the ship was thankfully out of the range of stray fireworks. The foreboding black expanse of the Shining Sea lay to the south and with a commotion of hissing and whirring the Scilandar began to drift in that direction.

Attention stolen by the stunning panorama a thousand feet below, not a single person noticed the tiny figure ascending the outer gunwale, her hair flashing red in the lowlight. With a grin, she nimbly leapt over the gunwale and considered how to re-introduce herself…


As the Scilandar powered away from the lights of the city and into the unspoilt horizon of ocean, the Professor walked, suddenly tense, towards the stern where he stared back out towards the city. Following his gaze, a dark shape was ascending from the Emerald wards, its huge outline visible against the backdrop of light. A wave of fireworks detonated nearby, illuminating the strange silhouette for a brief moment – enough to realise what it was.

It was an airship. Another airship.

Easily three times the size of the Scilandar yet without any discernible methods of levitation – no air pods or motor engines anywhere on its deck or hull.

As it rose, the huge vessel began to turn, swinging around to face the south. Those closest to the Professor recognised his grimace as it began to set off in pursuit...

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Re: 2 Mirtul DR1368 - 'On the Horse you rode in on'
Jibril, now dressed in a garish lounging outfit after dinner, can be heard exclaiming loudly with joy when he discovers the flushing toilets. "Praise the Gods!  At least there's one luxurious amenity on this gaseous carriage!"  This is immediately followed by the repeated sounds of flushing, as he tests out the find.

He strolls to find the Professor staring at the massive airship following them, while pinching his nose up in an imperious frown. "We've got company? Who is that?"