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Mon 22 Jun 2009
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Posting Etiquette
This is the format I'll be using for posts in the game. I want to keep it fairly uniform in order to ensure the In Character threads are as well-organised and easy to read as possible.

First of all, to avoid any confusion, we'll stick with third-person past-tense throughout. Past-tense prose is the most fluent and easiest style to work with and will help give the game a real feeling of narrative.

If you're unsure of what this is, here's a few examples:
Khelendresh pulled a dagger from her belt, smiled and hurled it at the nearest orc. (Past tense)
- not Khelendresh pulls a dagger from her belt, smiles and hurls it at the nearest orc. (Present tense)
or I pull a dagger from my belt, smile and hurl it at the nearest orc. (First person).

I know it seems a bit anal to specify writing style but believe me when you're reading through posts and they're switching from third-person past, to third-person present, to first person, it gets really irritating and slightly confusing.

Character speech will be marked with speech marks and a colour of the player's choosing. All colours except orange are available as that will be for Dice Rolls and OOC.

Character thoughts to be in Italics.

Dice rolls are to be put in private lines to me (the GM) at the end of posts copied from the dice roller.

During combat, you do not need to wait for your turn on the initiative to post your move, just submit your action and any rolls and I will post a summary of what occured at the end of each round in initiative order. This way we won't have to be waiting around forever for someone to post their turn. Since I want combat to be fairly fast-paced, I will allow 48 hours per round for moves to be made and then anyone who has not acted I will NPC for that round and decide your character's actions myself. Note: I reserve the right to throw you into unimaginable peril when doing this ;]

Likewise, outside of combat there is no posting order or anything like that, you can post whenever you want. So say if you are having a conversation with another character, you do not have to wait for those not involved in the conversation to post before you continue the conversation. This should help keep the roleplay fluid (I hope!).

OOC will also be in orange but please avoid using OOC in the in game thread unless it's absolutely necessary. There's an OOC thread right next door :]

And one final point: As I've said there will be exp bonuses for good roleplaying. These will come at the start of every month (bug me if I forget) and will be awarded for good writing, good descriptive detail in your posts, good, intriguing interaction with other characters and general interesting, exciting, moving or downright hilarious roleplaying of your character. I am really looking for excellent roleplay above all else so impress me with your posts and you could see your chances of survival increase dramatically!

Basically, just common sense is what I'm asking :] it really will give more of a flow to posts and make them that much more enjoyable to read - not just for us, but for the many lurkers and just random passers by as well! That's all for my nazi rules anyway, let's have some fun! ;]


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Sat 31 Dec 2011
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Re: Posting Etiquette
Hey guys, I think dice rolls are starting to clutter up the IC threads a little with so many different skill rolls being made so I think from now on all skill rolls can be put in a private line in your posts. Of course that still makes the thread cluttered for me but who really cares about me here! Updating original 'posting etiquette' message now.