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Tue 21 Jul 2009
at 12:30
Comments and Suggestions
Given that we've had a few players seemingly lose interest in the game, I was starting to get worried that I might be doing something wrong in the DM department.

Considering this, I thought I'd post a thread for you guys to put up any comments or suggestions about the game - what is working and what isn't working for you, any preferences about what you want to see happening or anything about how I'm running the game you'd like to see changed.

I had been away from PBP gaming for a looong time up until only a few months ago, so I'm still very rusty, and I will happily take on board any suggestions you guys might have. Feel free to really lay into me here, I will not mind! ;]

I would just really like this game to make it past the difficult 'introduction' phase during which so many games seem to falter and fail in and I think the key to this is making sure my players are happy.

Good suggestions may also have a direct influence on bonus exp come August 1st! heheh

Let me know anyway!

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Tue 21 Jul 2009
at 12:53
Re: Comments and Suggestions
So far I'm quite enjoying this, though not much has happened yet. I appreciate the detail, style and effort you put into your posts, something I work for in my own games. I hate minimalist GMs who spit up a few vague mispelled lines. I'm glad to finally find someone who might be as good as I am. ;D

Losing players is a common problem, independent of the quality of the game or GM, I think.

I'd like to go faster, I eagerly await the next posts in this game. But that depends on all us players. I try to be prompt, though sometimes I wait to think how to respond.

A battle might add some action. I presume that's what you're working for on this evening trip down Calishite streets with a chest of treasure. ;) I didn't mean to metagame my actions, I just thought it would be something Lambrac would do, even if he failed terribly at it.