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Sun 8 Aug 2010
at 00:15
This will be where we post discovered treasure moving forward.  It's lump sum - when we divide we'll do so accordingly and that'll be that, but it will allow me to reference back who got what without going through 1500 posts.
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Sat 21 Aug 2010
at 15:38
Re: Treasure
Aug 21, 2010:

Wand of ID (12 uses)
Belt of the Veteran
Scroll (3 CLW)

50 pp per character upon completion of quest
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Wed 8 Sep 2010
at 01:12
Re: Treasure
Sept 7, 2010

Marroar picks up a silver dagger with gold inlay, and a gem on the pommel that appears to be a fine cut garnet of some worth (150gp).

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Thu 2 Dec 2010
at 02:36
Re: Treasure
+1 Shield

Let me know who wishes to use it in OOC.  Thanks.
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Wed 8 Dec 2010
at 03:57
Re: Treasure
250pp from Maenae for services rendered.
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Fri 25 Mar 2011
at 01:31
Re: Treasure
17 gold - room w/ desk and rats.
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Mon 6 Jun 2011
at 01:51
Re: Treasure
The discovered party:

Sathrena's corpse:  Bullseye lantern and Spellbook

Torin Mulekick's corpse: Dwarf sized chain mail; Med Shield; WarHammer; Iron Holy Symbol (Moradin); 1 Vial Holy Water; 6gp, 14sp, 1 gem (10gp)

Yrrion's corpse: Short sword, shortbow w/ quiver 12 arrows (all silver tipped), thieve's tools, fine boots, silver ring (10gp Non-magical)

Kayleigh: Glowing Sword; Banded Mail; Large Shield; 50' Rope; Tinderbox/Flint&Steel; 2 Flasks of Oil

Grot: Scale Armor; Two handed sword; 13gp, 11sp, 2cp
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Tue 13 Sep 2011
at 22:21
Re: Treasure
Silver and be-gemmed anklet bracelet that appears to be of fine quality - currently in Irael's possession.

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Mon 20 Feb 2012
at 18:53
Re: Treasure






Hyek: ]
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Wed 25 Apr 2012
at 03:10
Re: Treasure

military pick   

plate mail

silver coronet
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Wed 25 Apr 2012
at 03:11
Re: Treasure
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Sat 16 Jun 2012
at 00:37
Re: Treasure
955sp, 694gp & 105pp.
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Fri 22 Jun 2012
at 01:55
Re: Treasure
The following is a composite of the treasure from the delve:


1 spellbook with: Read Magic, Detect Magic, Write, Erase, Sleep, Enlarge

1 Magic User scroll: Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Mirror Image, Knock and a final spell none of the three casters recognize

1 Cleric Scroll with: Remove Curse, Neutralize Poison, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic

+1 Military Pick (worth additional 2500gp) to Maenae

Ring of Feather Falling (worth add'l 5000gp)

Please note before you divide: Maenae has taken her cut of 2500 gold and the military pick for training and provisioning already, so the numbers above are real time.  For a 10% conversion fee (very reasonable) she'll convert coins to gems to those who might be interested.

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Fri 22 Jun 2012
at 02:03
Re: Treasure
Magic Users - you may add all spells you don't currently have from the list to your spellbooks.  The scrolls will be used up in the process.  Please roll a '% to know spell' (d100) on the die roller to see if any of you know the secret spell.
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Sun 30 Dec 2012
at 12:32
Elyssa' gear
One of Elyssa's drawbacks were players who did not keep her char sheet up to date.  fwiw.  Still, a small haul worth reviewing...though it might be considered bad form to sell off her small clothes.  ;)

PP: 5
GP: 32

Gems/Jewels: 2 100gp garnets


leather armor
boots, high, soft
dagger, sheath
dagger, boot
belt, large pouch
cloak, black, hooded (fine)
gloves, black
Thieve's picks and tools
tinder box
silk rope 50'
3 spikes
2 dresses, slippers (for casual evenings)

+1 longsword "Desire's Fang", a slim longsword with a silver washed handle,
wrapped in silver wore, the pommel contains a red ruby that sheds light on
command equivalent to a torch.
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Sun 30 Dec 2012
at 12:38
From the dread chapel to...
In the coffer:  1018g & 501pp

In the courier's bags:

Courier Bag - safely holds up to 10 scrolls.

4 scrolls: Clerics, cast at 15th level:

- Cure Critical Wounds
- Remove Disease
- Divination
- Restoration
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Mon 9 Sep 2013
at 13:01
Re: From the dread chapel to...
Skirmish w/ bandits:


1 pearl earring on the big feller
1 rosy quartz on the big feller

1 long sword that cast a dim glow on the big feller
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Tue 24 Dec 2013
at 14:15
From the Bandit Tower
Total Treasure:

Jeweled Dagger: you can keep or sell to Angor for 150gp
247 gp

+2 Long Sword
+1 Short Sword
17 +1 Arrows
Bag of Holding - Medium size
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Tue 24 Dec 2013
at 14:17
Re: From the Bandit Tower
Angor rewards each of you with a 1000gp blood ruby for returning his daughter.  He also presents you a chest w/ 500pp for the horses.
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Tue 24 Dec 2013
at 14:36
Re: From the Bandit Tower
From Illeaza's spell book each MU can add:

1st level:

2nd level:
Rope Trick
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Tue 18 Feb 2014
at 13:38
Re: From the Bandit Tower
Collected loot:

For the men from Errant Vale:
- 1200cp
- 1000sp
- All normal weapons and armor from the army

For the party:
-90 pp
-17 gems: 10 50gp, 4 100gp, 2 500gp, 1 1000gp
-1 jewelry: A human sized necklace upon the bigger giant's wrist: 1200gp
-1 great sword (two handed) that glows a bright cerulean hue - after one of the mage's cast identify, you learn it is a +2 weapon.