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Fri 28 Oct 2011
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The Memorial Totem

Kaebrelle - Fallen in the Spider Farm to a swarm of Large Spiders.

Pavo the Thief - left for the south
Felix of Aquitonia - died of the poison of a huge spider; raised into service of
                     Oracle and Maenae (at Issroth's leisure)

Elyssa Alfendale - Death by ambush by an airborn killer.

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Wed 4 Jul 2012
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Re: The Memorial Totem
NPC's of Note:

Mishpat - Second to Maenae in Melford Vale at the Shrine of Oracle
Alderon - Wizard in Maenae's service
Meris - Half elf F/Th in Maenae's service

Dimros - Merchant who fired the original members on the way to Melford Vale to visit the spider farm

Gerrit & Lena Wyke - Brother & sister: owners/proprietors of the King's Head Inn in the Village of Melford.
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Wed 14 Nov 2012
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Re: The Memorial Totem
The saga of Buddy the Cat.  Buddy was an orange tabby in the same vein as Fritti Tailchaser...a courageous coward and accidental hero, betimes grumpy and vain, other times generous of his time and letting you know it by laying sleepily in your lap.

Buddy the Cat (1996 - 2012) - RIP.  This picture cracks me up.

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